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Rooted device? You got a major advantage in Eden, DD and normal game!

2020.09.23 16:11 FrankyWNL Rooted device? You got a major advantage in Eden, DD and normal game!

Rooted device? You got a major advantage in Eden, DD and normal game!

This only applies when your device, or BlueStacks, is rooted. But you could keep on reading for interesting magic!

Before we continue
This post is about my personal findings and I would like to share that with the community. These are NOT hacks. Some players might already have this advantage, but that is something I am not sure about. In the last (plus minus) two years I have not seen such player yet. - I will start writing the story, followed by some how-to's.
I have notified the Customer Service many times. Also wrote them emails, but never got a reply. The only reply in-game I received was that they are only a part of the customer service and they have no idea.
Now, what I will write here, with examples, doesn't mean that I actually used all of it. I'm showing that things are possible. Me and an alliance-friend had our fun in Eden and the normal DoomsDay. In Eden where he actually became the first without spending hundreds of dollars. For example: we rallied a level 16 tile when we could only take a 10, allowing all players in the rally to finish the quests for tiling a level 10-11-12-13-14-15 and 16 tile.
In the last year and a half we have not got banned for doing this. And we've had many advantages, also in the Alliance and Doomsday shop; things that could be changed. Unfortunately it seems like that part is patched, but who knows what you will find! Anyway, the previous Eden, State 900005, K4H: thanks for the awesome play and rewards, becoming #1!

UPDATE 23-09/19:30: I want to point out that things like DoomsDay/Eden, the chat and what happened with the 250+ feather boxes are NOT visual. It absolutely affects your gameplay and it is truly giving the advantage over those who have no. Same with the T10, I had them in my State weeks before they officially got 'activated', as wel as the Cutting Edge technology.
UPDATE 23-09/19:45: I added two more updates at the bottom, information about mails, chats, user-database that is accessible without root, and possible encryption of mail contents that is (maybe not checked on serverside.************)
UPDATE 23-09/20:00: Partner-in-crime gave me the proper link to rooting BlueStacks. Really easy. Update on the bottom.
UPDATE 24-09/08:45: if you're going to change the skilltree for Doomsday, remember to to it EXACTLY as described, which INCLUDES the quote at the end, the pipe ( and the ; sign.)

What are you talking about?

So, in the last two years of playing, the last 18 months I've been playing with an advantage. I am definitely not talking about an advantage in spending thousands of USD, an advantage that in almost all cases you could get for free when your device is rooted. But not just that, how about changing any avatar of any user in-game, or find out all the previous ones?
Think about an advantage in Eden or Doomsday which gives you at least 10-15 more tiles than anyone else. Or that you can unlock all the processing plants with just 12 skillpoints (Doomsday, blue skillset, left side). Or an advantage in the normal game, having buildings that most states don't own yet, or what about putting the gathering plots back. It is all possible. Keep reading!

An example of the Skillset; this also applies to red and green

It started with your sensitive data

It all started about 18 months ago when I found out that your data in the game is not safe at all. A lot of sensitive data was (is) being processed to a pretty old PHP 5.4 server which isn't updated or secure. The server was also vulnerable to blind SQL injections, but that's another story. Beside that, I figured out a way to access local data like the Feather Boxes. It wasn't uncommon to have 250 of them and be able to open them without serverside checking. That's how I started to dig deeper.
Found all the data was being stored on the device
After some playing around when having my phone connected to my Linux system, I was able to read the I/O. I saw interesting data and saw that every few times I would open the game, the game would download XML files from their server to my phone. These XML files were configurable files and could be altered. After a few changes I had build the VIP shop when being just B16; didn't buy it though, so it was still locked. That was my first advantage, if I would buy it.
Then came the resource plots, those you could put next to your base and start gathering. Why limit them to a few when you can have 100 of each? Now, why would someone do that you may ask? It was fun with CoZ events and later DoomsDay.
More fun we had was when having T10 before State #1 even had it. Giving the game an error after a while, unable to boot until we undid it. But hey, it was possible.

So, what about changing (payloaded) avatars?

Well, after I found out that they not only store your data on the server, your avatars, voice messages and all chat is unencrypted. And so is your password, which is being sent base64-encoded over plain text.
I found out that as soon as I upload an avatar, a request is being made to a non-secure (HTTP) website containing my sequence of uploaded images (number of total uploaded images, added with 1). I thought, if they would save all my images in sequence, they would be saving the old ones. Which I was right about. The only problem was the encryption key they use for saving the images. That one took me 30 minutes to decrypt using already known data of the user. Which I will not explain in public, since it's not ethic.
Payloaded images were also possible. That means that I was able to, for example, add a location script to my image finding locations of players. Or upload animated gifs (it happened!). With this option, it said that the server was totally unsecure, allowing me to upload files directly to their server. And that is where your data is stored.
Back to viewing other players avatars and changing them; knowing their userID, based on your local files which you will read about a little later, you're able to change anyones avatar. Again, it's not ethic to tell you how. Just saying that this is possible. I myself have only done it on my own farm accounts, giving them an image without paying.

The game runs through a websocket

Reading chat from your browser, viewing the news from any device without opening the game or even view every base on the map. It's all possible once you know your way through connecting to the public unsecured websocket. If you connect as another user, that user will be kicked out of the game and is forced to reconnect. Reading chat from other alliances is also possible. At any state. An old example when reading chat with permission of the user:
A sample of reading chat from terminal
Viewing bases? Positions?
Let's say that in theory this is possible. And it is possible without it only being a theory ;-). There are a few websockets available that do literally everything in the game. That's why you are forced to reload the game once you leave the game for a second or two; the websocket loses its connection.

Okay. Now, what about the files?

So now after showing you the basic about the possibilities about this unfair and unbalanced games that, which we all know of, the developers don't give a cowpoop about. It's time to show you how to change files and get a huge advantage over other players. Hopefully forcing the developers to finally update this game in stead of making a few clones of the game. How would you like this in your base or even.... outside of your base?
Using your rooted (Android) device or BlueStacks you should go to the following location:
  • data/data/
You will find many many files there of which I will explain a few of them. The rest is up to you. Which also includes the skilltree for DoomsDay as you've seen above, the skilltree for T10 vehicles can do the same, etc. The few most important files are as follow (yes you can even enable data up to B30, having seeing that you can build mines!):
  • dataConfig.cfg
    • This file contains data for your State. Yes, each State have this config but each State have different settings. That's how the very first states got T10 at first (officially ;)). But many things can be enabled and disabled in this file. This is an important file and should be processed as an XML file. If you cannot process the file as XML, remove the DOCTYPE line from the top; that will make it a valid XML.
  • DD_\.xml*
    • This files contains many settings for Doomsday. As I would love to give you an example: DD_Talent.xml and DD_TalentConnect.xml will hold the data for the skilltrees in Doomsday, making it able to get the same results and above. Explanation later.
  • Science_\.xml*
    • This file holds the T10 skilltree. The Cutting Edge skill-tree. Sience_Point.xml and Science_Level.xml should both be edited in order to to some magic tricks and, for example, get more troops with less skillpoints.
As there are many many other files, it's up to you to play with the dataConfig.cfg file. Once I started, I changed all 0 values to 1 in stead of the 0. Or the other way around. This first unlocked many many new things (like the Combat Base in State 700+). If you changed too much, well, it's time to undo it and change some step by step..

The dataConfig Eden advantage (example)

As mentioned, this one holds a lot of State configuration. But only for your account. Play around with it as mentioned above. In Eden you are not allowed to have a DoomsDay Investment Plan, giving you the advantage of more tiles, faster marching speed and faster processing, free resources each day, you name it. Well, now or after a week, why don't you look for the setting moritouza and set that value to 1. Now you have the unlimited possibility to buy the Doomsday Investment Plan (yes, buy for 10$, which is the ONLY thing we bought to get this advantage). Once you can't see it or cannot collect your free resources, get back to your own State and it should be there (or enable the option again!). It is important to know that the plan is active during the whole week no matter if you see it or not. You will have a lot of extra tiles, marching speed and processing plant speed.
But not only Eden - There are many hidden gems in there. Many. Many. It's not looking for a needle in a haystack, it's just looking at the key-names and play around a lot. It took me a while to figure out some interesting stuff like the ultra zoom above.
Some things are serversides; meaning you can easily update your money income to 10G per second, but that will not be saved. You will find out.

Would you like to have T10 in your State? See if it's enabled!

Look inside the dataConfig file for soldiers_10 and new_train_UE and something else with _UE. Set those values to 1. Try and see if it worked for you. Sometimes you might get an error saying: "This function is coming soon". It means your State is ready and should expect is to come soon. Oh, and check your Technology tree; you should see something new that you can start with, even when not allowing to have T10 ;)

The skilltree advantage in Eden and T10

This is a funny one and fairly easy to get these results, as an example my alliance-friend who actually managed to get to #1 with these advantages, his farms scored really high as well. And not a little:

Becoming #1 with the changes

Second Skillset; example
This change is pretty simple and it will give a huge advantage. Really a huge advantage:
  1. Open the files DD_Talent.xml and DD_TalentConnect.xml
  2. In each of them carefully follow these steps using search/replace function in your favourite editor, including the special characters, like quotes and pipes:
    1. Replace _5; with _1;
    2. Replace _4; with _1;
    3. Replace _3; with _1;
    4. Replace _2; with _1;
    5. Replace _5 with _1
    6. Replace _4 with _1
    7. Replace _3 with _1
    8. Replace _2 with _1
    9. Replace _5" with _1"
    10. Replace _4" with _1"
    11. Replace _3" with _1"
    12. Replace _2" with _1"
    13. Replace needLv="5" to needLv="1"
    14. Replace needLv="4" to needLv="1"
    15. Replace needLv="3" to needLv="1"
    16. Replace needLv="2" to needLv="1"
If I am not mistaken, this should definitely allowing you to get to the next skill with just one level out of three. There are options like maxLv, but you shouldn't touch them. It only changes the 1/3 to for example 1/1 if you change the maxLv to 1. It doesn't change anything else and has no value if you put them on 99. We tried ;)

The skilltree advantage for T10 Cutting Edge

The same changes should work for Sience_Point.xml and Science_Level.xml, however we only managed to get this to work once, since we stopped playing. It is possible and we've done it. It's even possible to do this little tricks:

How about T10 in your Duel?

There is so much more

There is so much more to write and to do, for example skinning of bases and not limited to making your own bases with huge spikes and glows, making them visible much easier. That is not possible in the dataConfig or XML files, but it is in the same directory. Look for the skins; they are build with a tool that later reads the PNG images (also in another folder) and easily manipulatable:

Having this skin on all my farms with an injection by the files, that was removed by the devs a few days later. However, the tiles still work ;-) Search for 'recourse', yes with the spelling error.

Scroll fast, see big! (only visible to you, good for Killing Event)
I would love to tell you so much more. But it's up to the community to find some more fantastic gems and possibly share it around. That would be awesome.

Update 2: Mail encryption

This is more for the techguys; the mail has a specific encryption I did not manage to decrypt yet. But I did not spend a lot of time on it. It could be possible to send out different mail items than the original mail contains. There is one encryption on the ID of the mail. If you change that without 'receiving' the contents, the contents cannot be received. If you "undo" the received items and try to receive them again, the game alerts you that the items have been received. This is what you can, right now only visually, can change. BUT I am a little bit more confident this is not checked serverside, beside the MD5 encrypted key (older screenshot):

Right now this is just visual. But, only the encryption key should match the contents of the mail. Once that MD5 has been decrypted / encryption key has been found, we could be very happy :)

Update 3: Where are the database files?

The database files can be found not in the root of your device, but just on your Internal Storage. I used an app called SQL Lite for this. The path of the database files, which holds user data of all players you've been in touch with / been online at the same time, chat messages, private messages, mail with contents as above, etc., is:
  • Internal Storage / storage / emulated / 0 / data / data / /
In there you will see numbers. Those numbers are for each account stored on your device. Open it. In there is a file called chat_service.db which holds all the messages, mails, chats, etc. from the game of your account. Look around!

Update 4: How to root BlueStacks

My alliance friend cq. partner-in-crime has send me the proper link to how to root BlueStacks. Profit from it. It's really easy!

One more tip:

Use some version control (like git) to easily see the changes to your files when you download them locally to your computer. It also makes things much easier to find out if the developers add something new, or remove something you don't like. I did use [ROOT]ANMPP - FTP\NGINX\MYSQL\PGSQL\PHP-FPM SERVER from the Google Playstore. That one has a BFTPD server that allowed me to connect to my phone instantly, with root (user: root, password: root).
Good luck out there. And if you have any questions, I'll try to respond to them as soon as I can.
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2020.09.23 03:24 FrankTimS 21 Rocket League Ideas

New Rocket League Ideas
I’m not a day one player but I love the game. I was hesitant to post here because of all the new F2P things going on, not everybody is happy about some of the changes. But I think this F2P move is the perfect time to introduce some new ideas.I understand some of these are not really that realistic but I would love to see some implemented in future versions.
Here was what I play and where a large amount of my ideas come from: I play mostly ranked all types, casual 2s and 3s for warming up, and an occasional match of rumble and dropshot to get out of a bad groove (never snow day lol).
I know some of these have already been brought up, but let me know what you think! 👍
  1. A Ghost power up in rumble. The user selects another enemy player and puts them in “ghost mode” where the player will go through cars and the ball.
  2. Ranked only demo penalties: once a player gets a certain number of demos, apply a player timeout, a couple seconds, spawn as if you yourself were demoed. Number of demoes should be on the higher side maybe 4 to 6.
  3. MMR changes: when a game is being played while a team is at a disadvantage (player disconnects or leaves early). The mmr change should be lowered on both the winning and losing team. the player who has left will receive the full mmr penalty. If the player rejoins before a time threshold no mmr changes will be applied. Although people do have intermittent internet issues the other players should not be penalized for it.
  4. Allow customizations or decals to the ball. Each player can select a decal in there garage. Then at match startup the game will select a random one to implement including the default.
  5. To help with distance or “depth” perception, make the name tag appear smaller and bigger as the player gets farther or closer to the ball. Or something of this effect.
  6. Display MMR and plus minus on all ranks, either in the tag or when selecting a game mode.
  7. Show win or loss streak at the game type selection.
  8. Perform a ping check to restrict a player from playing until there ping is under a threshold for (only for ranked).
  9. Add Rocket league fantasy something to give daily users to make there selections. Provide A top Fantasy prize or specific items for guessing correctly, lower prize for making all selections.
  10. For common wheels allow the user to use credits to change the paint color. Color would be random.
  11. In the clan menu track clan stats: wins, losses, and individual player stats when playing in clan matches. Maybe number of days inactive. Clan rewards. Some of this would be useless to most but a nice to have.
  12. Add color mods to the headlights, these can be gathered only as car specific items.
  13. Allow users to share custom training packs, when shared it would show up in the favorites or created menu (just give a time limit so the user can choose to keep it there or let it drop off)
  14. Allow multiple players to choose whether or not they want to join a leaders training session.
  15. I don’t care for fortnite but the more themed items the better. For example I think Epic has partnered with Marvel, this opens the door to more themes and events.
  16. Implement more servers to help the gameplay across regions.
  17. I’m a software developer so I know users love ease of use. Add a couple extra clicks and a large portion of users will go crazy. Maybe keep something similar to the older UI’s usability but add a little spice like the updated UI.
  18. Probably won’t sit well with most of the user base but maybe introduce the capability to vote for a random set of maps before match start or while the game loads.
  19. Add demo explosion themes.
  20. Allow for custom quick chat with character limits. use the same word checker that is used in game chat along with the Reporting tool to eliminate unwanted character combos.
  21. Add the “Find new match” option in both ranked and casual instead of going all the way back to main menu.
“That was fun!” “gg”
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2020.09.18 04:32 Cland3stined 25 [M4F] California: East Bay - Gaming? Eating great food? Hiking? Let's try it all and more together!

Howdy partner!
Been around the block a bit and it's high time to take action to put myself out there. As with most things (besides durians), I'm eager and excited to try a new chapter of my life to find a significant other.
The basic facts about me:
Little tidbits about me:
What I'm looking for:
Please, tell me more about yourself too such as your hobbies, likes/dislikes, fun tidbits which are always nice. Perhaps, throw out a philosophical perspective that you think is conversationally engaging. I'm always down to think about new perspectives.
Thanks for reading and if you want to talk more, PM me! Looking forward to it!
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2020.09.17 15:26 idi0ts4ndwich my past life

i did the past life regression hypnosis from tiktok a while back and wanted to share my experience doing it, plus how some of it seems to connect to this life.
during the first part, i was in a field with a colorful flowers, 3 small, wooden houses, and mountains close by. some pictures i found of a place in colorado matched best to where i lived, minus the houses. i was a man in that life (im a girl now lol) and i was pretty tan and had brown hair. i was wearing a light beige colored fedora with a black ribbon thing around it (idk what its called), a white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows, a black tie, a navy blue vest and pants, a brown belt with a gold buckle, and brown shoes with gold buckles that matched the belt. also, the pants were pretty tight fitting but not like skinny jean tight, and they were short enough to show my ankles. i think this was around the late 1800s and early 1990s, but i’m not sure. i posted a sim i made of what i looked at if you want to go look at it.
next, when it takes you to the most important day of that life, i was laying in the grass at night. there were more stars in the sky than i’vex ever seen now since it was so dark out. i looked to my right and another man was laying next to me, looking at me and smiling. he had an outgrown buzzcut that was longer on the top, a short mustache, and bright blue eyes. he wore a white button up and black pants, but i dont remember the shoes he had. we were both laughing at nothing, just out of happiness i suppose. i moved closer to him and we started cuddling, so i’m assuming he was my partner and this was the day we both knew we loved each other.
finally, it takes you to your last day of that life. an angry man who looked like the older version of my partner- probably my partner’s dad- threw me into a driveway, or somewhere with gravel. basically he kicked the shit out of me, probably because he found out about me and his son. i was laying on the ground, covered in blood on my left side. my partners dad had went back into his house and my partner ran up to me. we were both crying, and he put his hand on my cheek and repeatedly said that he loved me. i was in too much pain to say it back, and that’s how i died.
i saw one of my spirit guides, saphire (yes, spelled like that lol) who i’ve actually communicated with through auto scripting, so i recognized who she was. i told her “i’m not done yet”. she told me something along the lines of “it’s okay. be who you are”.
while doing the regression hypnosis, during the part where i was dying, the left side of my body felt sore. i have 4 birthmarks- one under my left eye, one in front of my left ear, one under my left arm, and one on my back. this seems to line up with the theory of birthmarks being how you died in a past life. however, my mom thinks the birthmark on my back was from a past life where i died in a fire since it used to be really red, and i have a fear of fire. maybe i’ll do the past life regression again someday and see if thats true.
i’ve been really paranoid about death recently (this started before i tried the past life regression), but i’ve felt that i still have important things to do before i do, so i would tell myself that i’m not done yet, so the fact that i told my spirit guide that i wasn’t done is so crazy to me.
i’m a hopeless romantic who hasn’t really been in a serious relationship. i’ve had one boyfriend in the sixth grade, but that’s it. i’ve had crushes, but the only one of them that i think i truly loved was my ex best friend, but i guess it was the wrong place and wrong time. even his girlfriend (aka the reason i stopped talking to him bc the only way to get rid of the feelings i had for him was to cut him off) told a mutual friend of ours that she thought we liked each other. anyways, i have a lot of love to give, but i haven’t found my partner yet. i never dated in high school and i tried tinder, but whenever i would talk to someone on there, it just didn’t feel right. i’ve been questioning my sexuality more than ever these past few months, and i’m pretty sure i’m bi but i think the trauma of being hate crimed in that life is causing me to have internalized biphobia, because i love and support the lgbtq+ community and don’t hate being part of it, i just don’t want anyone to know and probably haven’t even said it out loud. i suppose this is why saphire told me “it’s okay. be who you are.” basically i’m guessing that i will find my partner in that life here, and they probably won’t be a male.
sorry this was really long and probably doesn’t make much sense it’s 8:26 am and i haven’t slept lol
tldr: i was a gay man in my past life who was beaten to death by my partner’s homophobic dad and some of my scars/birthmarks and trauma carried over into this life.
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2020.09.16 03:40 gough3-14 long term roleplay over discord !!

for starters - hello, my name is harvey, i use he/him pronouns and i'm flaming, and i am eighteen years of age. i'm looking for a good-old-fashioned gay roleplay and to make some friends through it, nothing more! i am happily taken in person.
i have a few ground rules i want to go into detail about and, be warned, it's a doozy.
and now, to the good stuff - what is it exactly that i'm interested in? well, i'm glad you asked. currently only have one plot that i'm still looking forward to writing with:
i've been wanting to use this baseball player character of mine for a bit now! i also love the world of drag and the story behind how it came to be and what it means to those in the LGBT community. aside from that - have a good day/night, all! thanks for the time and i really appreciate you if you read all the way down here (,:
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2020.09.14 12:21 SneaselSW2 BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle control scheme rework: REPOST


First off, forgive me for the vitriol. This game is still a bit of a guilty pleasure to think about (such as its OST) as much as I personally despise its current state, people's denial of specific issues such as performance specs (looking at you, Shini), shilling it with massive misconceptions (trying to claim a 3.0 rumor for clicks is a dick move, Avataryaya), horrible PR from day 1, Mori's lack of care in handling this game's development, the overly greedy early DLC, and wasted potential.
And having to remember that yes, I shouldn't hold everyone to such a bad standard who like this game, but it goes to show how much I cared for 5 of the series crossed-over into this awkward mess of a game.
Plus, to quote one of my pals who hates this game alongside me at times, 2.0 is only a half-fixed game. Yes, they rebalanced A TON of mechanics, but the control scheme and the character moveset allocations leave much to be desired to many tastes, especially mine.
The main issue I tend to have with most ASW fighters nowadays is how they "cram" moves on such a reduced scheme which forces a lot of characters to end up homogeneous in a very unintuitive sense. If we look at games like most of the Marvel vs. Capcom games starting from X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, those games give a majority of the cast a far more intuitive button scheme as tag fighting games, yet are deemed as difficult in execution (ngl about that).
Plus, BBTag DOES HAVE GOOD IDEAS. However, while are good on their own, the way they are meshed altogether in this game's state really gives bad vibes to someone like me who has their own way of wanting to design a fighting game, as per my Deviantart that hosts a ton of my ideas which sadly, has been shat on by the Eclipse update like the rest of them.
While I have my own way to design a fighting game despite lack of programming skills, this is solely in the context of BBTag. Seeing a Technical Mode mod for only Ragna and Hyde on this subreddit really upset me personally, especially when most other mod-makers in other communities focus on exploding shit and swimsuits (yes, it's that bad elsewhere like in Naruto Storm) as opposed to actually reworking their games like how Project M was born.
(Also, please people, as much as you wanna eat this up, don't send ASW the message to have them keep scheming their games like this....even though Dragon Ball FighterZ is beloved by a lot, there's still so many polarizing things with that game like the netcode and control schemes for everyone compared to older games...)
First off, let's go over how I want to remap the controls. Even though Mori will never see this, I want to foster some food for thought.


A: Weak Attack (弱攻撃, Jaku Kougeki)
B: Medium Attack (中攻撃, Chuu Kougeki)
C: Strong Attack (強攻撃, Kyou Kougeki)
D: Dual Strike (デュアルストライク, Dyuaru Sutoraiku)
E: Change (チェンジ, Chenji)
P: Partner Skill (パートナースキル, Paatonaa Sukiru)

Other tidbits:

Example changes with some select characters:

Ragna the Bloodedge:
Yuu Narukami:
Hyde Kido:
Ruby Rose:
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2020.09.12 20:59 togenkyos Where Did I go Wrong? I need someone.

Hi. I am scared to post this, very scared but I have to. I feel like i really need some help and insight. I don't know what to do. I genuinely apologize if this is long but I really, just need to get this out of my head. If you actually read all this then thank you, I sincerely mean that.
When I was 14 I met someone online. I felt like he was the only person I could talk to. I was in an abusive household. I know for a fact that I was not emotionally or mentally stable even at that young age (I'm 22 now). It started out with me feeling like I needed someone to be close to.
This person was quite aloof with me when we were friends, but we both loved talking to each other. We became close fairly fast (like within 7 months). After some drama with him cheating on a girl, we started dating. Yes this was dumb, but I figured we were both so young that it wouldn't matter and he wouldn't do it to me. Typical teenager thinking. I was extremely happy, he was extremely happy, I felt like I finally had someone who listened to me and loved me. All was well, I thought. Anyway, we had a really strong bond, both came from shitty households and looking back we were both very clearly extremely co-dependent. I'd say I was more dependent on him than he was on me, but not always. I can't possibly cover everything that happened during the relationship, but if you'll bare with me I will try my best. I would tell him all about how terrible I felt and how bad my life was, and in turn he said he would be my family and essentially rescue me from them. I felt like I didn't have to be scared anymore. Looking back, I realize that I never should have dumped my problems onto him.
The first time we met IRL, we had a tense moment. We were 15 at this point btw. Everything was fine until he started touching my leg (?) and I flipped out and started crying. I vaguely remember that we got into an argument because he wanted to do sexual things, I said I wasn't ready and I remember trying to hug him but he didn't hug me back and seemed angry. I felt really hurt and emotionally rejected by this, but I guess he felt rejected bc I felt like I wasn't ready to do sexual things with him. I kind of got angry and was mean bc I felt pressured. Also, we would talk about it over text before we met up but, I didn't sext anyone before him. Sorry for the slight TMI.
The next day everything was fine, we were still happy and didn't do anything except kiss that time. However, slowly things started to fall apart. The more I'd depend on him for shit, he'd try to help but eventually get too frustrated and just tell me to stop. He didn't know how to handle it and I don't blame him. I had severe mental and emotional issues. Sometimes he would lash out at me and say to get over it, sometimes he would say really mean things. But I don't blame him for saying those things. He shouldn't have taken care of me. I should have taken care of myself. I wish I wouldn't have opened up to him so much. I feel so bad about this, I didn't mean to make him feel like he had to take care of me, but I did. I can't undo this.
The first big blow I would say came when I found out he sexted one of our mutual friends behind my back. Yes that's pretty small. It's not like he cheated on me irl, but I flipped. Shit. I freaked out and told him how betrayed I felt and how could he do this to me etc. He apologized eventually? I think? And seemed upset. I also lashed out at the friend that he "cheated" on me with and he said I was "fucking batshit" or something along those lines. I told my boyfriend that I felt the guy was unnecessarily mean to me, because tbh I was just really sad, but my boyfriend took his side and essentially said he felt sexually repressed bc I didn't want to do anything with him IRL. I started to think that it was my fault and I was in the wrong, because to be honest I acted unhinged a lot of times. I wish I wouldn't have acted like such an immature asshole. Eventually when we were like 17, he cheated on me IRL with a close friend of his. (I want to clarify that we're both bisexual) I think his friend told me himself that this happened. I then confronted my boyfriend about it and was very angry and betrayed. He again, said the same thing about being sexually repressed which tbh I think is pretty valid especially for a teenager and I shouldn't have gotten so angry about it. However I was still angry and broke up with him because to me it was "the last straw". This is where things started to get.... weird.
See, I knew I had to break up with him because I did not want to be lied to anymore. I was sick of it. So I blocked him on everything. However, he eventually found a way around that, begging to talk to me. I blocked him again. I remember crying bc I felt so conflicted. I didn't want him to be upset but at the same time I was done. He then messaged me from his friend's phone, pretending to be his friend "(Boyfriends name) wanted to talk to you, hes really upset etc" I knew it was him though. I do not remember exactly how this happened, but I remember that he sent me a picture of a cut on his arm/was threatening to kill himself? If I didn't talk to him? I felt scared, but I resolved to be strong and had no further contact with him for about 6 months. Plus I would tell him about how I wanted to die all the time so I thought that if he did it then... it was okay because I did it too. Not in the same way as him but I still expected him to fix me when he could not. I was stupid. I got involved with someone else in a bad relationship, for about the 6 months I did not talk to him. This person was older than me (22 I think) and manipulative, he also would get sexual with me. I didn't like it but I went along with it because I didn't want to lose him. Eventually we had a big falling out bc the guy was quite frankly terrifying, and I went running back to my ex. He was hesitant to take me back, he shouldn't have taken me back. But he gave me another chance. This was when the real mistake started that should have never happened and I will regret for the rest of my life.
The abuse in my household got worse and I became more and more off the rails. This is not, in any shape or form an excuse for how I acted. I became paranoid. He had a close girl friend and I constantly accused him of cheating on me with her. I do not and will not ever know if this was true, however I wish I would have just believed him when he told me he was not cheating. It could have saved us both so much bullshit. Eventually... yes this is laughable and I am ashamed to say it. She slept on his lap. As in, she used his lap as a pillow. I flipped and messaged her saying something along the lines of "He's my boyfriend not yours, stay away from him". Yeah, literally just because she slept on his lap. They were never close friends since and he became upset with me, which I do not blame him for. I should have never fucked up his friendship with her. I did apologize to her as well as to him but it did not matter, the damage was already done. I could have done so much better.
After he expressed that he wanted an open relationship, the paranoia got worse. I tried to be okay with it, I really really tried. I agreed bc I did not want him to feel trapped with me, I wanted him to be happy. But the jealousy would take over. We fought a lot. I shouldn't have been with him. I am extremely ashamed to say that I called him names a few times. This was disgusting on my part and I desperately wish I could take it back. I did not know how to handle anything, I was extremely ignorant and at times, I was cruel. He was too but that does not excuse anything that I did, ever.
Eventually I moved in with him because I had a falling out with my parents. He lived with his mom so I lived with his mom. I took on as much as I could to try to be a better girlfriend. I babysat his siblings frequently, I cleaned his house, in fact I was basically the only one who ever cleaned the house. I was basically a doormat but I was just happy because he and I could spend time in person. Eventually well... because of the open relationship thing, he wanted to sleep with his friend. (A guy btw, as I said he's bisexual). I did not like this and at times expressed straight bitterness about it, but he did not listen, said he felt he had needs that were not being met. Eventually I just gave in bc I knew i had to compromise, I let this happen. He occasionally would seem to feel guilty but not guilty enough to stop. My paranoia was still full force and I went through his phone one day. I found he had a relationship with someone about a year before I moved to be with him. I confronted him by showing him what he wrote to this person, he reacted by saying that I was treating him like a parent and it was utterly stupid. I felt helpless and I still tried to talk to him about it, I still tried to see if there was a way we didn't have to have an open relationship but he wouldn't budge about it. About a year and a half after I moved in, he met someone online and I knew, I just knew where it was heading. They were friends at the time but I knew what was going to happen. I moped, whined, argued and felt resentment. I asked him straight up if he wanted to date this person. He said he wasn't sure.
Well congrats if you've read this far because this is where shit hit the fan. His mom came in one day where the dishes had not been done. She always had an explosive temper but on this day she gave me the equivalent of a verbal lashing, saying that I sit on my ass, etc. I literally could not stand anymore and I fucking had a panic attack and snapped, saying that she nagged me all the time and that I did a lot already, which honestly is true. My boyfriend angrily told me to stop but I did not listen. His mom kicked me out and I had to stay a few days at my friend's apartment. During that time, I have never felt more alone and beaten down in my life. I know, it's my fault. I was a horrible girlfriend. He could not stand me anymore, and I don't blame him. I felt so fucking scared and alone. Eventually he came to pick me up for therapy. I will never forget opening the door and seeing him just standing there, this air about him like he was angry at me or uncertain about how I would act. I had missed him so much so I let him inside. I sat down on the couch and immediately started to cry. I was about to say "I'm sorry" but he immediately yelled at me, saying, "Why do you always cry? You're like a child in an adult's body. You cry at everything" or something like that. It hurt so much that he yelled at me, even though I deserved it for getting into it with his mom. I hugged him and I believe he said he was sorry but maybe not, I don't remember. But yeah, after that event he started saying he wanted to date this person he met online. I told him I was not good enough and that I hated myself, however he said he was and always had been polyamorous and that it was not my fault. He said he wished I could just change my mindset about it and I would probably be a lot happier. That made me angry.
Eventually I moved out back with my parents bc I just couldn't do it. It was painful. After I left he still tried to say he still wants to be with me. And that he still loves me. After about 3 months of being broken up I wanted to still be with him. So... now we're together again, except he has another partner now. This person is genuinely sweet and has a personality very similar to mine, minus the paranoia and emotional volatility. Now here is my question. I took all the blame on myself, I think I was abusive to him during the relationship. Example: Paranoia, accusing him of cheating when he wasn't at the time, sometimes name calling, expecting him to fix me. I don't want to hurt or traumatize him, I don't want to be an abusive person. I fixed my behavior and I am no longer paranoid, volatile, angry etc. I am happy for him. I gave him a proper apology, though I am starkly aware that it does not undo what I've caused, he forgave me. BTW, he never told me I was abusive, I came to this conclusion myself. After I told him this, he conceded that I'd done some abusive things. I told him that it was not his fault for how I acted and that it was because I was insecure and immature and paranoid. He said he forgives me, and that I should forgive myself, but I feel that I do not deserve forgiveness. I feel so guilty and evil. His new partner treats him way better than I ever did. I don't want to be coddled for being a shitty person. I don't want to be babied, I just feel so profoundly lost. Am I an abuser? I feel like I am. Please help me, I don't want to be bad. I feel like this is going to stick with me forever and I messed up his first relationship.
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2020.09.07 06:05 transbianasfuck mcginn 3 month SRS megajournal

tw: botched surgeries, transphobia
hello! i am a trans girl who underwent penile inversion vaginoplasty with dr. christine mcginn in june 2020. i am 20 y/o, 1.5 yrs HRT. this is my story - complications, existential dread, and probably some stuff you’ve already heard.
complications beginning about 5-6 days post-op, i had necrosis of the top layer of my labia. it was fairly minor - the black, dead skin slowly shed and there was healthy tissue beneath so i was cleared to go home without worry. however, by day 12, it became more severe and located further into my labia and vaginal opening. everything was yellow and gooey, slowly draining out into a raw, patchy mess of a labia. it went from a snake shedding its skin to deep chunks of my vulva missing.
after about 2 months, things began healing back, but still not without aftermath. my labia are asymmetrical and weirdly shaped because the sutures helping to define them were anchored in the now dead and gone skin. in an attempt to heal, my body kept growing granulation tissue. but it kept growing and growing past what it should’ve, causing my vagina to nearly close from being so tight.
second surgery even putting aside the horrific look of the excess growth, and childbirth-like pain that dilation was now causing me (if i even could)... this was a huge problem that needed immediate attention. dr. mcginn prescribed me hydrocortisone cream to help, which didn’t. dr. powers, my pcp, instead recommended that i have surgery immediately to cut and cauterize all of the granulation tissue. needless to say this was quite traumatic, although i’m glad to report that it was a success in addressing that specific concern.
third surgery? i now am left with quite a bit of scar tissue from the hell my pussy has been through. this is an issue in particular with my vaginal opening, which now has an extremely small and thick aperture. because of this i am no longer able to even use the #1 dilator, even though there is enough diameter deeper in my vaginal canal. there is no consensus about what should happen to help with this, but all attempts to dilate have not stretched it hardly, so my non-expert opinion is that a sort-of episiotomy is in order.. in addition to fixing the aesthetic fuck ups i mentioned earlier.
aesthetics imo, my vulva looks depressing in comparison to any natal vulva. my labia minora is hardly defined so it just looks like there’s a slit in my body. all of it is a dark brown color, no pink on my labia minora. especially when standing, you can see a clear line where my mons ends and then it dips in to shrivley skin where the my vulva is. it looks like someone stamped a pad shape into me almost. you can also notice this strange shape when wearing certain underwear.
dysphoria i have none! wearing leggings, bikinis, etc now is so amazing and comfortable. it has been the silver lining keeping me moderately sane.
nonetheless i still feel very shameful about my vulva and am always uncomfortable to show partners. it’s just ugly and wrong i feel :-(
post-op depression i struggled for a few weeks after coming home for a few reasons. firstly, i was bedridden in my apt during quarantine. i couldn’t see anyone and no one wanted to see me. day to day tasks on my own wore me down physically which translated to emotional exhaustion as well.
second, i couldn’t stop thinking about surgery regret and the permanence of my surgery results. bottom surgery absolutely is still necessary for me, but maybe i should have considered other surgeons - i thought. i don’t want my genitals to be mutilated, and i initially felt strongly that they had been. less so now, but i still sometimes get depressed when i think about them.
dilating it’s a chore. you all know this, so all i’ll say is that some of the other posts of sheer misery are not being terribly overdramatic. it’s only painful for the first few minutes. otherwise it’s just tight/uncomfortable, and very time consuming. “i can’t right now, i’m dilating” will be a more commonly used phrase than you’d like. it will take some emotional strength to stick to your schedule.
the open wounds on my labia and vaginal opening made this 100x worse. the only way i was able to dilate without tapping out from pain (and i’m a masochist) is to get insanely high or take narcotics. just in case we wanted to add substance abuse issues to this shitshow. after my second surgery things are now fine pain-wise.
work from home has made the dilation schedule a bit more doable. also i would recommend finding an activity you can do with one hand to pass the time, you will get bored quick.
bedside manner there has been much talk of her bedside manner and it has had kind of a mixed consensus. initially at my consult i thought she was very sweet but direct and felt good about her patient relationships. but it later became clear that she is busy with many patients and does not have the capacity to give any individualized attention.
going into surgery we only spoke for about 2 minutes, it was all small talk so i never had a chance to ask my questions pre-op. i didn’t see her after surgery until i was ready to be discharged, my surgery buddy never got a call from her or the hospital either. after i left, i had some concerns about tearing stitches and i called the emergency number she gave. she was a bit short and dismissive that i even asked. at my first post-op appt though, she goes “i think you’re the only one i didn’t hear from this weekend!” and then proceeded to nonchalantly admit that she fucked up the way that she stitched my packing in... huh. it was stitched on my ass basically, pulling my skin a painful and concerning amount as well as covering my asshole (how am i going to shit?!). dr. powers independently noticed and was confused. once the packing came out, things were okay minus extra scars.
in retrospect, i feel much of the planning i had to do in the months leading up to surgery were not adequately informed by the office. i spent a lot of time learning from friends who are also patients of hers and just as lost as me.
i was repeatedly deadnamed in the hospital, on phone calls, and during visits despite explicitly correcting her staff and the nurses. there is also no reason for nurses to he/him me while i’m in the hospital for gender affirming surgery. i doubt this is a common experience but it still was extremely bothersome esp as this doesn’t even happen to me in my daily life these days.
further, i do not feel that she has acknowledged or properly addressed my complications - instead dismissing them as “this is just the way they heal.” to an extent, yes, it is going to be pretty damn messy for most initially. but necrosis of half the labia should not be made out as normal. so i have instead had to rely on dr. powers to tell me truthfully what’s going on with my body and how to manage it - not everyone has access to someone as knowledgeable as him. their medical advice has been contradictory to one another, making navigating things post-op even more confusing.
dr. mcginn to date will not call me back re: the most recent set of complications. because she is unwilling to even talk with me about my health (and further surgery), i’m currently exploring other surgeons.
depth at my first post-op, they used a long q-tip to measure me and it was 6”. however even that night, i was not able to get past about 5” with the #1. currently i am about 4-4.5”. they were extremely dismissive of my concerns both initially and at my 6 week appt, essentially saying “it was 6 inches, remember, so this permanent loss is your fault” and granted, i have not been dilating as aggressively as prescribed recently (due to severe pain, reliance on addictive painkillers, and physical limitations), but that doesn’t address the discrepancy on day 1 or how to proceed. i can only fit about a finger‘s worth in diameter due to more recent complications.
the others i am not the only patient of mcginn who has recently experienced this. three other friends of mine had surgery within a week of me, and two of them also have significant necrosis, excess growth, and a small/scarred aperture. this doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me, especially considering as necrosis is sometimes caused by tight sutures cutting off blood flow. i do not want to speak for them, however, as i know they feel quite differently about dr. mcginn than i do.
recovery at home it took some time to be able to do basic things like shower, cook, and walk long distances again. after 4 weeks, i comfortably went back to my desk job full-time (from home bc covid). currently, my energy levels are normal and general pain is occasional/minimal. even with the complications, there is hardly anything too painful to do (besides dilation, ugh).
sex yes, i am sensate. thank god my clit is fully intact and unproblematic. my libido has gone down a bit but it still is there, probably thanks to progesterone. but no, i haven’t orgasmed yet. i’ve felt like i’m super close though. i’m extremely tight so i‘m terrified of penetrative sex, but getting fingered is fun if we’re careful. i always bleed slightly when we do. oh and wow, the gender euphoria!!!
also the whole “you need to use a ton of lube since you can’t get wet” is kind of bullshit (based on my experience ofc). i am dripping wet when i get fingered w/o lube, to the point that i have to put a towel down lmao.
cost $23,100 for surgery, hospital, and anesthesia. plus another $2,500 or so for travel accommodations. michigan medicaid refused to cover surgery or meds because she is out of state, even though SRS is a part of my plan. i didn’t become aware of the insurance denial until 3 weeks before surgery - after i had paid over half of my surgery, expecting for it to come back in a reimbursement. i had to take out long-term personal loans to help pay for everything.
wait list i called in feb 2020, got an in person consult for the following week, at which point i put down a $3,500 deposit to schedule my surgery for june 2020.
coronavirus my surgery date was unaffected by coronavirus, however there were two key policy changes: i flew into the area several days early to be tested (nasal swab not sinus), and was not allowed to have visitors in the hospital.
hair removal i did not do genital electrolysis/laser and have not had issues. but it also may be too early to tell.
stopping hormones i also did not stop hormones, which was dr. mcginn’s instruction. however this is not true of most of her patients.
feel free to comment or DM if you have questions not addressed here. <3
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2020.09.04 23:11 NoMoreNicksLeft Identifying retail ebooks/epubs

This will be a preliminary guide on distinguishing retail/official epub files from amateuwarez scans of printed books. Some of you may not care one way or the other, and you may safely skip this article. For others, we prefer more professionally designed books (though, given the output of the big publishing companies sometimes they do little better than the people on #bookz).


The Epub standard (and a few others) actually go back to the late 1990s. And it would seem that publishing companies very soon afterward started to offer digital books for sale. I've only begun my research, so I can't tell you exactly what payment methods they used (alot of that infrastructure just wasn't there yet in the 90s), or whether they farmed this stuff off to subsidiaries, but I can offer an example. Season of the Machete by James Patterson is floating around out there with this entry in the colophon:
First eBook Edition: April 1995 
I was under the impression that 1998 or 1999 would have been a more reasonable "first retail ebook". Of course, this could be a typo, but I've found a few 1996s and 1997s out there too. The date doesn't necessarily mean that this was an epub format book, there are others out there. The information on this stuff is rather bare-bones on wikipedia and other sites, so I'm still sort of guessing.

Big Five Publishing Companies

The "Big 5" refers to those book publishers in the United States that publish most of the (print) books in North America. They are in no particular order:
  1. Hachette Book Group
  2. Harper Collins
  3. MacMillan
  4. Penguin Random House
  5. Simon and Schuster
There are other smaller publishers, some only publishing digitally. These are important for anyone looking to fill in a back catalog of stuff that's been out of print forever... they tend to license those works from the estates of the authors, or from the Big 5, and typeset ebooks (and the quality's a little higher on average than the big publishers).
There are also "imprints". Think of these as the "Chevrolet" to GM. They are merely brands that are owned by the Big 5 (though they may have been their own companies years ago).
Some of those (and you can tell I lean heavily towards nerd literature) are:
Tor (MacMillan) Bantam (Penguin Random House) Ballatine (Penguin Random House) Ace (Penguin Random House) Berkeley (Penguin Random House)
And of course, there are publishers outside of the US that will be important too. Though again, I'm tending to see mostly those that deal with science fiction (Orion, Gollancz, etc).

Telltale Signs

Retail ebooks have been published for the last 25 years, by a vast number of different entities, in at least a few different formats. The only thing that is universal, is the laziness and disdain they have had for the digital world. Whereas their print books are carefully designed to be visually appealing to stand out, they have apparently felt no such obligation for the nerds who'd dare read this stuff on a screen. I've only seen evidence of them including cover images for titles released since 2017 (plus/minus a year)... these tend to include the same cover art as the paperback release.


There are several generic covers that they've used in the past. These are included as images in the epub file (so as to bloat its size), differing only in the title text printed across them. I include examples here:
Random House - Thanks to ajshell1.
St. Martin's Press
MacMillan - Thanks to ajshell1.
Anchor Publishing
Crown Journeys
Vintage - Thanks to ajshell1.
Harper Collins - Thanks to ajshell1.
Modern Library - Thanks to ajshell1.
Random House - Thanks to ajshell1.
The presence of one of these cover images is 99% confidence a retail release.
If you open the epub in an editor, a cover page titled "titlepage.xhtml" is probably the result of the Calibre ebook editor application. This simply means that someone else who got to the file first added art, but it doesn't much help you determine whether the book is retail or not. In some cases, if it removed the generic cover as above, it makes it harder to determine if it is retail.

Title pages

Many of the publishing companies include an image version of the title page (the page that has the title, author's name, and possibly the publisher's log at the bottom). This image is often in black text on white background but also occasionally grayscale. Tend to see this for books released back into the early 2000s, on up to about 2017 or so (they're tending to use html for the title page now, which should play better with dark mode).
I'll present a few examples:
The presence of a title page image almost certainly indicates that it is a retail ebook (98% confidence), though with the transition to html title pages, this will still leave some things ambiguous.


The absence of a colophon shouldn't lead you to believe it's non-retail. Early ebooks seemed to leave this out (which is bizarre, considering how fanatical they are about those things). However, the presence of a colophon page that says "first ebook edition" or has an "eISBN" number is conclusive (obviously). eISBNs are always 13 digit.
If it lists only the ISBN number, this does not disprove that it's retail. But you also need to consider that amateurs who scan these things scan the actual page, and include those in their output. These tend to be the 10 digit ISBN numbers however.

Internal Fonts

Epub format allows for including font files internally, so as to make the book prettier. I've yet to find a clearly amateur work that includes them... but if you're pirating books, fontface piracy doesn't seem beyond the pale. Maybe it's too much effort.
If there are internal fonts, this is a good (90% confidence) indicator that it's retail. But again, publishers didn't always include these (and often still don't).

Other Signs

Baen Books (independent science fiction publisher) was one of the earliest to start offering epub format books. And they partnered with some company/entity called "Webscription". Their later ebooks make it clear that those are retail inside the colophon. But the earliest ones simply have decent formatting with a link to "" at the end of the content (and the book won't have any back matter or appendices, generally).
Fantasy books that include maps will often have the maps scanned in as black and white images at the front of the ebook. These images will be clear and crisp (and the white background is #FFFFFF bright), tending to indicate that it wasn't scanned in from second-hand copy bought at the used bookstore. I'm 90% confident that when I see these, it's retail.
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2020.09.04 16:36 ZandrickEllison Offseason Blueprint: now that the buzz of the Portland Trail Blazers has worn off, it's time to sober up

The playoffs continue to rage on, but there are 22 teams sitting at home with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs and wait for next season to start.
For their sake, we wanted to look ahead with the next edition of the OFFSEASON BLUEPRINT series. In each, we'll preview some big decisions and make some recommendations for plans of attack along the way.
Today, we're looking at the Portland Trail Blazers, who had quite an up-and-down season (or "down-and-up," more appropriately.)
step one: a "feel good" story only feels good for so long
The Portland Trail Blazers were the toast of the town for the early portion of the bubble, storming up to the 8th seed and knocking off the Memphis Grizzlies. Damian Lillard's stock may have reached at an all-time high, and hype for the team in general had gotten out of control. This team could have been a 3 seed if they had been healthy! (probably not.) This team could knock out the Lakers! (nope.)
Now that the dust has settled and the buzz has worn off, it may be time for a more sober reassessment. Yes, Portland is a good team when Jusuf Nurkic plays. They could potentially be a VERY good team when they are back to 100% strength next year. At the same time, there are some serious cracks in the foundation that need to be addressed. While Portland had the # 3 ranked offense this year, their defense ranked # 28. A healthy Nurkic and Trevor Ariza may help that, but that is still a long way away from contender status. That formula -- good offense, bad defense -- makes Portland entertaining to watch as a fan, but also made them the least threatening playoff team in the West.
Sadly, we also have to be realistic about the future of Carmelo Anthony as well. It was a great redemption story for Anthony to play well in the bubble and prove that he could still be a scoring option. He'd had a major role for these Blazers ever since he suited up -- starting 58/58 games and averaging 32.8 minutes and 15.4 points per night. He hit plenty of big shots down in Orlando. Personally, I love watching old-school players like Melo go one-on-one and score in midrange iso; it's more aesthetically pleasing basketball than someone like P.J. Tucker launching a wide open corner three. At the same time, we can't let nostalgia or aesthetics get in the way of good sense here. Carmelo Anthony played well for the Blazers -- based on expectations. Based on other options on the depleted roster. He's better than Mario Hezonja. He's better than Anthony Tolliver. Alas, he's not better than most NBA players right now. He's not a good defender. At 36, he's not an efficient scorer anymore either, with a true shooting percentage of 52.5% this season. Overall, that's not a winning formula, and the advanced stats reflect it. His ESPN RPM was -1.8. His box plus/minus was -3.6. Statistically, he was one of the worst players in the NBA to play 30+ minutes a night.
If Carmelo Anthony wants to return to the team on a limited salary and a limited role (maybe as a bench scorer who plays 15-20 minutes a night), he may still have some value. If Anthony and the Blazers think they've stumbled upon some magic here and intend to trot him out as a starter again next year, they'll be in for a rude awakening.
step two: considering breaking up Batman and Robin
To be clear, the combination of Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum is NOT the problem in Portland. For years, it's been their salvation. Those two guards have been saddled with a roster that's never fit together properly. Throughout their time with the franchise, their wings have been about as effective as a penguin's. The scoring pop of Lillard and McCollum has kept them competitive, and kept them in the playoff picture.
That said, it's time to at least consider trading McCollum. It's not a preference -- it's a potential necessity. Portland will have $100M committed in salary, and limited flexibility otherwise in terms of draft picks and other trade assets. No one is pounding down the door for Zach Collins anymore. If the team wants to add some premium talent, it'd take a McCollum trade to happen.
In some ways, that move may make sense for both sides. McCollum is a highly skilled player and top-notch scorer, but he's been relegated to a secondary role here. He's Robin to Lillard's Batman. And as a result, he's not fulfilling his true potential right now. Because he doesn't have the ball in his hands, he's not operating as much of a playmaker (4.4 assists per game). He's not getting to the line often (2.6 FTA per game.) In fact, his scoring efficiency isn't all that stellar as a result (54.1% true shooting.) In the process, his limitations in terms of his size and his defense are more highlighted.
McCollum can still be a good starting SG, but he'd be even better as a primary lead guard. Perhaps, in his heart, he wants that challenge and that opportunity. Being Robin to Batman may be acceptable when you're a teenager, but it starts to get awkward when you're 30 and still living in your buddy's house. You may want your own space. McCollum could potentially thrive if he's given the keys to another team and the greenlight to shoot for 25 PPG.
From Portland's perspective, the ideal situation would be to trade McCollum for an equivalent talent who happens to be a bigger wing. Khris Middleton is probably too good -- Tobias Harris is unfortunately not good enough. Chicago may be a good fit for a trade here. They have an opening at PG, and a solid cupboard of assets to play around with, including Otto Porter, Lauri Markkanen, and the # 4 pick. If Portland can bring back a good SF or PF for McCollum, then they'd have a ready-made replacement at SG in Gary Trent Jr., who has proven worthy of a starting spot.
Realistically, it's unlikely that Portland will find a great trade partner for McCollum, which will lead to Robin returning to the mansion for another sequel. And that's fine. McCollum is good, of course, and good insurance for Lillard. If McCollum returns, I'd like to see the team use that luxury to give Lillard more rest as well. Lillard played 37.5 minutes a game (a league high), which is a scary number for a guard who just turned 30. Even superheroes could use a few nights off.
step three: stop winging it at wing
Portland GM Neil Olshey isn't bad at his job, but he has an obvious Achilles heel: wing players. He's never been able to find the right formula there, and has overbid on some big contracts like Evan Turner and Allen Crabbe (matched in RFA.) Former forwards Moe Harkless and Al-Farouq Aminu weren't half bad but had limitations, which is also the case for the team's current crop of forwards.
To be fair, injuries played a huge role in the depth this season. Both Rodney Hood and Trevor Ariza (acquired midseason) weren't able to participate in the bubble, leaving the team dangerously thin.
Still, that same issue may exist next season, as neither player is guaranteed to return. Hood has a $6M player option. In normal, non-COVID circumstances, he should be able to get more than that. He's only 27 years old and is a capable scorer. The Blazers would be wise to keep him in town, whether it's with the intention of starting him at SF or bringing him off the bench as a scoring 6th man.
Trevor Ariza is technically under contract for $12M, but it's only partially guaranteed. It's unclear if the Blazers will try to use that non-guaranteed contract as trade bait, or whether they'll just waive him outright and save the space. On paper, Ariza is the type of 3+D forward that's ideal for their roster, but that $12M price tag would be a hard pill to swallow now that he's 35 years old and past his prime. Still, it'd be great if the team can find a way to bring him back if the finances can work out. Ariza's still playing the vast majority of his minutes as a SF, but he could theoretically soak up more at PF as well. Ariza isn't a big dude, but his 7'2" wingspan should help the role of a stretch 4.
As mentioned, the team needs to fully embrace and empower Gary Trent, Jr. as well, as they had started to do in the bubble. Trent's shooting is legit (42% from three this season), and he's a tough, hard-working defender. I wouldn't call him a "stopper," but he's still one of the better defenders on this team based purely on effort and functional strength. Trent Jr. only played 21.8 minutes this year, but he should be easily capable of jumping up into the 25-30 range full time. I'd prefer him as a SG rather than SF because he's not that big, but he could split time between the two.
The wing issue won't be resolved by Trent alone though, so the Blazers may need to find reinforcements in the draft with their # 16 pick. It's unlikely that any rookie would be able to step right into a playoff-caliber rotation, but someone like Saddiq Bey (Villanova) would make sense. He's a 6'8" forward with a 3+D skill set. As a college veteran, he's already 21 years old and potentially closer to contributing than his peers. Josh Green (Arizona) would be a higher-upside, longer-road prospect, but has good athleticism and strength as a swingman. Both Bey and Green are within the Blazers' draft range, ranked # 18 and # 22 on ESPN respectively.
step four: stay on the Whiteside of history
Portland acquired Hassan Whiteside and his giant-sized salary ($27M) after Jusuf Nurkic went down with injury. And in that limited capacity -- as a pure placeholder -- Whiteside did just fine. His raw stats (15.5 points, 13.5 rebounds, 2.9 blocks) are always going to be better than his actual impact, but he's still a viable starting center.
Next season, the Blazers won't need Whiteside to be a starting center anymore. Jusuf Nurkic came back strong (to put it mildly), and showed all indication that he's going to be a beast again next year. Meanwhile, Whiteside will enter free agency, and look for more opportunities elsewhere. It simply doesn't make sense for either side to bring back a "big name" like that, only to play him 15-20 minutes a night as a pure backup.
That said, Portland doesn't just have to shake Whiteside's hand and wish him well out the door. They can potentially work together to find a sign and trade for Whiteside that will enable them to bring some assets back. Will the market be huge for the 31-year-old Whiteside? No. But his raw stats are still good, and his reputation and name value may justify a solid contract regardless. He may make sense on a team like the Washington Wizards, who will be looking for defensive upgrades as they make their own playoff push.
The sign and trade option also works the other way as well. The IDEAL addition for the Blazers would be a sweet-shooting stretch PF like Danilo Gallinari (a free agent.) If the Oklahoma City Thunder blow it up and go into a full rebuild, the Blazers should cobble together assets and salary filler and try to acquire him. Washington SF/PF Davis Bertans would be a lesser version of Gallinari, but may also fit the Blazers' well.
Portland may not be a huge market, but it's an appealing market for free agents given the solid roster and the presence of a likable superstar like Damian Lillard. Utilizing that to lure in a free agent (through sign and trade) is a viable option for the team.
step five: no more free (school) lunches
The Blazers haven't been in the NBA Lottery too often, but they've managed to do a solid job drawing in upside prospects over the last few years. Young players like Zach Collins (a 10th pick), Anfernee Simons (a 24th pick), Nassir Little (25th pick), Gary Trent Jr. (37th pick) and Wenyen Gabriel (undrafted) all are still 22 or under, and all have various forms of potential. This coaching staff should continue to develop them in the program and hope to get the most out of them.
At the same time, the Blazers need to remember that they're in a dogfight that's called the Western Conference. They can't "punt" minutes or games, because the playoffs is not going to be a lock. As a result of that, they need to be cautious about playing guys before they're ready to contribute to winning basketball.
Anfernee Simons may be the best example of that this season. Simons is very talented; he flashes the type of scoring chops that suggest 20 PPG may be in his future down the road. Unfortunately, he didn't show that he was ready for prime time yet. After getting some "Most Improved Player" buzz in training camp, he struggled with inconsistency throughout the regular season and graded as one of the worst players in the league analytically. In fact, his -6.1 RPM ranked 518th out of 520 total qualifiers. That RPM metric estimates that the Blazers cost themselves 4 wins by giving Simons 20+ minutes a game. I'm hopeful that Simons will turn the corner and be a productive player as soon as next year, but Terry Stotts and the staff need to be able to adjust if that's not the case.
To me, it's already time to re-think the use of Zach Collins as well. He's been a darling of the fanbase because of his theoretical "stretch big" upside, but he feels miscast as a starting PF to me. At that position, his shooting is nothing special, and he can be attacked by quicker forwards. In the long run, I'd envision Collins as an energy big off the bench, primarily backing up Jusuf Nurkic at center. That's a role that Collins thrived in at Gonzaga (as a backup big). In fact, he even came off the bench for most of high school. If we intend to limit Collins to 20 minutes a game, then his foul problems will be less of an issue as well.
I'm curious to see how quickly Stotts and the staff can develop Nassir Little as well. He's a great athlete with good length (6'6" with a 7'2" wingspan), good energy, and a good head on his shoulders. His basketball skill set...? Uh, let's move on. But if the team can plant him in the corner and teach him how to hit an open three, then he has real potential to help the team win. There are some shades of Aaron Gordon to him.
As mentioned, the one youngster ready to "graduate" to varsity is Gary Trent. Hopefully, the others follow suit. Stotts and the staff have a good reputation in terms of player development, but it's more urgent than ever that we see that manifest with this talented but raw group of kids.
previous offseason blueprints
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2020.09.03 23:37 i_have_my_doubts "Dream a little smaller" off season ideas

I don't know if there is a realistic trade partner for Mike Conley or Rudy Gobert that actually makes us better - maybe, but I don't see that happening.
The main reason I don't think the front office would trade those guys is because our starters haven't really been the problem lately. It has been an awful bench. One of the simplest things we can do is get Bogey back.
I don't have the plus minus in but it felt like our starters were generally + 20 and our bench a - 20.
Here are a couple of things I would like to see:
1 - Bring Conley off the bench - This is the weirdest one and not really a move, but I think Mike Conley should come of the bench and we need to give Donovan the reigns. I know it's weird having you highest paid guy off the bench, but I don't think who starts matters. I think who ends the game does. I don't think you bring Joe off the bench, we tried that earlier in the season and it was bad.
2 - Gid rid of Davis and Niang - I don't care if we can't trade them - get rid of Ed Davis and Georges Niang. Waive them if you have to. Force yourself to move on. They are good guys, but that doesn't win you championships.
3 - Bring Derrick Favors - I don't know if Derrick is available or maybe Paul Milsap is realistic , but I suspect these guys may be cheaper than they were last year.
4 - Keep Clarkson - I like him off the bench player - he's great a scoring.
So a line up could like this
Mitchell Conley
Royce Clarkson Mudiay
Ingles ???
Bojan Morgan Bradley
Rudy Favors
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2020.09.02 06:40 AHatDude First Chapter of my Unnamed Speculative Fiction Novel [4,181 words]

Chapter One
Francis E. Warren Joint Military Base, Wyoming.
July 9th, 2085
Even when wrapped in plastic and taped shut, the smell of a body had a way of getting out and permeating through the enclosed cabin of a vehicle. It hadn’t even been a day, but the metallic, peppery smell of decay seeped through the plastic like an insidious spirit. Or maybe it was just in his head. The windows were down in the cockpit, and the door to the cabin shut, as the mobile unit, part RV, part workstation, part armored vehicle, and part home, rolled up to the checkpoint at the base. The driver rolled down his window and looked down at the guard, whose head was six inches or so below his own.
“License and identification, please,” the guard at the gate said, looking up. The driver was a man in his early forties or late thirties, with a coarse beard and long blond hair tied back into a ponytail and a narrow, sun beaten, and wind weathered face, from which two startlingly colorless eyes observed the world in a manner that seemed to be assessing the threat of everything around them. He handed the documents out the window and down to the uniformed guard.
“Soren Kayley?”
“That’s me,” said the driver.
“Partner… Maximilliana Pharys? Where’s she?”
“Dead,” Soren replied. The guard looked up sharply. “A group of ‘jackers ambushed us in Grand Junction. I’m bringing her here so she can get to her family.”
“You have a body in there?”
“Just a second.”
The guard’s eyes went out of focus and he blinked rhythmically. There was the smallest flash of light in his eye as he brought up a tab on his corneal display.
“Med team’s on its way,” the soldier said up to Soren. “There’s no need. She’s dead. Shot in the forehead.”
“I’m sorry, it’s protocol, sir.”
“Don’t call me ‘sir’, I’m just a ‘Cycler,” Soren peered down at the soldier’s shoulder, “Corporal.”
“You a military man?” The corporal asked, one eyebrow slightly raised.
“I served south of Portland in the War.”
The corporal winced.
“I hear that was some nasty shit. Anticon guerillas hiding in the hills and blowing stuff up even after the accords. You see any of that?”
“Yeah, I did. It got ugly sometimes.”
The corporal nodded sympathetically. He was younger than Soren, and he wondered if the guard had actually seen active duty in the Second Civil War.
“Did you serve?” Soren asked.
“Just the very tail end. That was when the army was mopping up the Alaskans and what was left of the Anticons in the northwest. They sent me up to Nome in ‘71.”
“Damn. Alaska was a tough go, I hear,” replied Soren evenly.
“I never really saw anything, just some raggedy-ass Alaska National Guard trying to make a stand a few times. Wish I coulda enlisted sooner, but you can’t speed up time.”
“‘Spose not.”
An armored vehicle with the army star insignia painted on the side pulled up to the checkpoint, and a full medical team equipped with several small assistant bots hurried out and busily approached Soren’s mobile unit. The main doctor appeared in her fifties, with short, greying hair and an average stature. She was clean cut, everything in order, as military personnel always seemed to be. Soren leaned over, opened the cockpit’s console and pulled out Maximilliana’s identification and papers. His actions slowed, and he opened the envelope in which he had been keeping the documents. He ran his thumb slowly over Maximilliana’s picture. Then, uninvited, and as vivid as the moment it had happened ten hours prior, came the thunder of the shot that had torn through her. Soren jumped and jerked his head sharply to the right, expecting to see a sniper laying in the dusty field that stretched off into the distance, lined by a razor wire fence a half mile away.
“You alright there, man?” the corporal asked warily as the doctor from the armored vehicle walked up beside the mobile unit.
“Are you the man with the body?” The doctor asked.
“Where is it?”
Soren jerked his head back, indicating the living cabin, and pressed the button on the dashboard that opened the door to that space.
“Door’s open.”
The doctor nodded, and retreated around the vehicle. Soren knew he should have gotten out, or at least felt he should have. It somehow felt proper, to give his long-time partner some semblance of a proper sendoff. But he couldn’t. His eyes remained fixed upon the side mirror as the doctor and her assistants climbed the retractable stairs up into the cabin and came out with Max’s plastic-wrapped body. He looked away, squeezing his eyes shut, and took a long breath before moving his head up. His eyes opened when the doctor’s voice sounded below the window.
“I need your identification, as well. It’s protocol. The MP’s have to give you an interview to establish that you didn’t kill them.”
“Maximilliana. That was her name.”
The doctor shuffled uneasily below the window. “Well… yes. But I need your papers. And hers… for identification.”
Soren wordlessly handed both sets of documents down to the doctor, who handed them back up after recording copies of them.
“I’m sorry,” the army doctor said. “There’s a therapist over near Chapel Two, at Ft. Warren avenue and north Champagne street. She’s good. I know her personally. Tell her Emile sent you if you go.” “Thanks, Doc.” Soren said, looking down. She nodded, and retreated to where Maximilliana’s body was being loaded onto a stretcher, then looked back.
“You’ll get a notification when the autopsy’s done, if you want to come see her.”
Soren again nodded wordlessly, and watched as the team of doctors carried the stretcher into the armored vehicle and sped away. The corporal looked at Soren for a moment before speaking. “How long did you know her?”
“Since the War. We fought together. All seven years.”
“Shit, man, I’m sorry.”
Soren nodded.
“Thanks. Where’s the nearest motel for cheap?” “Well there’s the Warren Inn on base, and then the Crystal Motel and a few others out in Cheyenne that have spots for mobile units.”
“Hang in there.”
Soren nodded once more, and pressed lightly on the gas pedal, starting into the base.
The Warren Inn was about what Soren expected it to be. In standard military form, it was a plain, rectangular building, entirely surrounded by an asphalt parking lot, each parking spot marked by a small charger box for whatever vehicles pulled in. ‘Cyclers and their mobile units were not uncommon in this part of the country, and Soren pulled into one of the extra wide spots in the lot’s outer ring made especially for them. He wasn’t about to go inside the inn, though. Even though he knew that it was north of the 40th Parallel, and moreover because the inn was on a military base, it would be clean, he preferred to stay with the mobile unit when on military property. If it came down to it, he knew it wouldn’t help him, but in the interim it provided him with a blanket of security-- and after what he’d been through in the last day, it was something he sorely needed.
He pressed the ignition button and the soft drone of the generator ceased, leaving a hollow ringing in his ears. He sat in the driver’s seat of the quiet mobile unit, the dry grass of the wide median between the parking lot and the sidewalk illusorily receding away from his tired eyes.
He’d been awake for… he thought about it.
All of today so far, that makes it… ten hours plus… got up at five. Five minus twenty-four. No. Twenty four minus five. Nineteen plus ten. Twenty-nine hours.
Then his mind went blank, and he sat for an indefinite period of time, his eyes locked on nothing, softly focused on the dry grass of the median. They slowly closed, and his sleep-starved brain sunk into blackness.
He woke up on Spencer Butte, south of the city of Eugene, Oregon. There was a strong wind out of the north, carrying a thick, choking smoke over the butte from the city itself. He and a ragged group of comrades were standing, shell-shocked, staring at the city below them, engulfed in orange flames. “We’re done. We’re absolutely fucked. It’s done.” “Don’t talk like that, Granger.” Soren said tonelessly. Alex Granger, a short, wiry, and nervous woman, whirled on him. “Do you see what’s behind us, Kayley??” She yelled quakingly, jabbing her finger back at the glowing, hazy city. “That shit? They firebombed a city that they held half of! They’re willing to burn their own fucking people to root us out! I’m done! We might as well surrender to the goddamn Federals if this is how it’s gonna be!” “What did you say, Granger?” a voice came threateningly from behind. Soren knew what came next... But he was mute, locked into his body. “I said: WE MIGHT AS WELL SURRENDER TO THE GODDAMN FEDERALS!” Granger yelled, her body tetanoid, saliva flying from her mouth, her eyes practically rolling with panic. Soren’s body unlocked, and he yelled, whirling around and running towards the threatening voice. “Mike, don’t do ---” He held up his hand as the shot went off, diving towards the bullet’s path. He felt it rip through his hand. He impacted the ground and stared, horrified, at his hand, a perfectly circular hole through it, blood starting to run down his arm. He turned to Granger-- no, Maximilliana, unmoving on the dusty ground, red drops spotting the brown grass. He whirled back to Mike, who had fired the shot-- but not Mike. The sniper in Grand Junction. His world began to spin horribly, and--
Soren jerked awake, panting, and immediately clutched his hand as he crashed back into reality like a slung stone through glass. He vigorously rubbed his palm, assuring himself there was no hole through it. It was dark now, shadows cast over the dusty median and street beyond by the lights of the Warren Inn behind him. It had felt like minutes, but he realized he must have slept all through the day, and into the night. He rubbed his eyes, and stiffly got out of the driver’s chair, navigating his way out of the mobile unit, pressing a button by the door and waiting as it slid open and the stairs folded down to the asphalt before unsteadily descending. A lukewarm breeze drifted across the quiet parking lot, carrying the soft urban whirrings of the town of Cheyenne a few minutes to the east. The dream was fading from his consciousness already, like mist burning out of a valley in the morning sun, and he stretched his neck up to look at the stars. The light from the town and the base drowned out most of them, and they were nothing like those that dusted the night farther to the south, outside of Phoenix or Albuquerque, ruins now, that had naught but a few stragglers living out of desiccated, ramshackle settlements. But they were stars nonetheless, and so provided Soren with some comfort.
He sighed as he looked up, and let his weight settle against the edge of the mobile unit.
What now?
Max was dead. Max, of all people. Gone, just like that. The clashes outside of Portland after the declaration hadn’t stopped her, the fear-crazed flight to the Klamath Mountains, the years spent grubbing out an existence there in the muck, the tense meetings at Sunnyhill and the schism, the retaking and catastrophic loss of Eugene, none of it had stopped her. Until some greedy fuck in a dried up town decided they needed some more gear and shot her.
A mirthless laugh bubbled up in Soren and cascaded out, sounding more like a bark.
It doesn’t make any goddamn sense.
And now… well, now he’d get someone new. That was how it worked.
He pushed the thought from his mind. He’d think about it later.
He turned his gaze and attentions back to Earth, and climbed again up into the mobile unit, opening the door into the main cabin, where two beds lay on opposing walls directly behind the cockpit. Two. He shook his head, suddenly too tired to do anything about it, despite the hours of sleep he had just gotten. Laying down in the small, long bed, he pulled a cover over himself, turned onto his side, and sank into a fitfully light sleep that left him, the following morning, feeling cheated of a night.
The morning to which Soren awoke was a dark one. He checked the time in his corneal display, thinking he had woken in the night again, but the numbers that presented themselves in front of him read 09:34. He swung his legs out of bed, still in the dusty clothing of the previous day, and cued the internal lights with his corneals.
“Damn.” He said to no one in particular, seeing the lines of orange powder along the creases in the sheets. He mentally cursed himself for not even caring to remove his boots before crawling into his bed.
Get it together, Kayley.
He peered out the window into the murk, and confirmed his suspicions: wind-blown grit lashed at the windows, seeming to consciously search for some way to leak into the mobile unit. A dust storm. He sighed. It would lock him in for some time.
Soren spent the day tidying the mobile unit and trying to avoid thinking about Grand Junction and the full half of the equipment in the vehicle that had been Maximilliana’s. Time stretched and warped in strange ways, as it is wont to do when there is no change in light, and one is confined to a two-and-a-half-meter-wide space.
He threw his sheets and clothes in the wash, a small box past the partition in the back of the cabin that separated the living area and the far rear equipment storage. The device ran a static current through the items placed in it while aggressively vibrating, separating dirt, salt and dust from them, leaving them clean. A few hours in, a message came in over his corneal display.
>>>From Military Detective Wright Milo Appearance Request for Soren L. Kayley. Your appearance is requested by the Military Police Department of Francis E.Warren Joint Military Base for interview regarding the homicide of Maximilliana T. Pharys. You are not, at this time, considered a suspect. You are expected at 10:30 AM tomorrow at the central military police station. Failure to comply with this order will result in an All Points Bulletin being issued and the issuance of a warrant for your arrest.
Soren blinked the message away and felt a white rage building in his gut. He squeezed his eyes shut and made an effort to not let it explode out of him. It was standard procedure: they even said in the summons that he wasn’t considered a suspect. Nonetheless, Soren despised the mindless accuracy of it. He couldn’t help but feel the old anger boil up from his gut. He took a series of deep breaths, and set an alarm on his handheld terminal, a small, foldable electronic pad that fit in his pocket, for 9:50 AM.
It’s their job. They have to.
He exhaled aggressively, shaking his head as if to clear it.
Doesn’t mean I have to like it.
He went to the back of the mobile unit’s cabin, undressing and stepping into the tiny, hermetically sealed, nearly one-hundred percent efficient shower. He heard the slight squeak as it sealed, and popped his ears as the pressure changed. Then he held his arms above his head, and the ring that sat at the top of the shower activated its water jets and moved slowly down, wetting first his head, then his face, then his chest and on down his body. He sat in the shower and let his mind empty as the water and soap sprayed onto him, and trickled down the drain. Several minutes later, he stepped out, feeling clean, if not necessarily better, dried himself where the air jets could not, and exited back into the main cabin. He sat on his now-clean bed, staring across at what, not so long ago, had been the bed of his working partner of twelve years. And, the thought again prodded, which would be the bed of someone else in not so long.
The dust storm abated after ten o’clock that night, leaving small drifts of loose Idaho and Utah sand across the roads and medians. There was the softly busy noise of small cleaning drones buzzing along the streets, vacuuming up the loose sand: runways first, then main arteries, then would come lots like the one Soren had been parked in for a day now. He was about to fall asleep once more, feeling antsy and locked in, when a text came in over his corneal lenses.
>>>From Maj. Emile McClaurian Hi Soren, I got your contact code off your ident papers. The autopsy on Ms. Pharys is done. The MP’s want to see you tomorrow to ask a few questions, but I’ll keep the morgue open tonight if you want to say your goodbyes. I also would like to know if she had any will or special requests in the event of her passing. Records show that she has a brother living in Vancouver and a father in Portland, but I made the decision to hold off on contacting them until I talked with you, who I figure knew her best. I’ll be here until midnight. Regards, Emile.
Soren read the message, and then blinked it away, and nodded to himself. He sat up from his bed, and dressed: heavy dust resistant pants with the SundaCorporation logo on them, pulled over his well worn work boots, and a simple shirt. Pulling back his hair into a ponytail, he grabbed one of two air filters off the hook by the door before setting down the stairs out of the mobile unit, which automatically locked itself behind him. The base had a decidedly orange tint to it as he pulled up the location of the base hospital in his corneal display, and began to walk, each step muffled by the thin — and, in some areas, not so thin — layer of dust.
The base hospital wasn’t terribly far from Warren Inn, but the dust made everything on the already-uniform base look even more so, and the only thing that allowed Soren to find his way to it was the directions hovering the upper right of his field of view.
The building was the tallest on base, with the exception of the main administration building and some of the hangars. Nonetheless, it maintained the brutalist, form-over-function style of every other building in the vicinity. Soren walked in the front door, removed his air mask, letting it hang around his neck, and approached the automated service terminal at the front desk in the deserted lobby.
“I’m here to see Major Emile McClaurian.”
“Soren Kayley.”
“Dr. McClaurian has left a note saying that you are to meet her in the morgue,” the near flawless automated voice of the terminal stated. “It is in the basement level, down the elevator to your right, and, upon exit, six rooms to your right.”
“Thank you.”
The terminal gave no reply. Soren followed the directions, and a minute later entered the austere room.
Dr. McClaurian was there, but it wasn’t her who his attention was drawn to. It was Maximilliana, lying face up on one of the cold metal tables, a white sheet draped over her, up to her collarbones. Her face was cleaned up from when he had seen her, but she still had the small, round hole just below her hairline on the left side of her forehead, and her face was terribly pallid, though her expression, mercifully, was a peaceful one.
“Oh, Max…” He said, barely aware he had said the words.
Her long raven hair hung over the table, still tangled and dusty from the ground upon which she had fallen.
“A single high velocity GSW was the only cause of death. Like you said. If you were recording the incident with your corneals, that should be all the evidence the MPs need to clear you. I’m really sorry this happened. I’ll be outside if you need a minute alone.”
Soren nodded dumbly, and Emile left the room. He stood several feet away and stared. He kept expecting Max to open her eyes and swing her legs over the edge of the table and get up, to start off on their next contract. But then he again realized the little hole and the morbid paleness, and the illusion shattered once more.
He didn’t know how long he stood there, but it was long enough that Emile reentered the room. He didn’t hear her come in, and didn’t realize her presence, until she tapped him softly on the shoulder. He startled slightly, and turned around. “How are you doing?” She asked, sympathetically.
Soren simply looked up in reply, and weakly shrugged his shoulders. He gestured mutely, trying to find the words to express his emotional state. He settled on:
“Not good.”
“I wouldn’t expect you to be.” Emile said.
Soren nodded again.
“I wouldn’t bring this up if it wasn’t necessary, but we have to talk about funeral arrangements.”
“I know.”
“So she has a brother in Vancouver and her father lives in Portland… was she on good terms with them? Who do we need to contact?”
“She wasn’t speaking to her parents, but I’ve met her brother before. We went up for Eid in, uh…” Soren paused to think. “ ‘80. They weren’t in contact much, but they were on good terms. His name is, uh…”
Soren trailed off to think again.
“Connor Pharys,” Emile filled in.
“Yeah. Do you have his contact code?”
“I can get it. The army opens doors,” she said with what Soren had no doubt was meant to be a reassuring smile.
I’m from the army, I’m here to help.
Yet as kind as Emile had been to him, this statement, not so very far beneath his resigned surface, meant she was the enemy. His jaw clenched and he looked at the floor.
“Yeah. He would be the person to contact,” he said, thin ice in his voice.
“Okay. I’ll notify him.”
“Thank you.”
“Did she have any will?”
“Not that I know of. We never talked about shit like this happening… and with what we do, she doesn’t — didn’t — have anything to really will to anyone.” “Alright. I can give you some more time.”
“Thank you.”
Emile left the room. An unwelcome thought nudged itself back into the forefront of Soren’s consciousness, as it had been ever since the ‘jackers had ambushed them in Grand Junction.
This can’t be happening. It’s not real.
He pushed the thought away with a pang of anger, which had been growing with each unbidden recurrence of the denial. He looked back down at Maximilliana and tenderly brushed a wayward strand of hair from her face. And for the first time since the sniper had pulled the trigger, he allowed himself to cry. It wasn’t that he was safe, and it wasn’t that he had been waiting until no one was watching — he had had plenty of opportunity for that in the mobile unit. It was simply that he could no longer hold it in, and so he cried. At first it was a single tear that ran down his face, but as soon as he released, the awful, hollow grief blossomed from the knot in the pit of his stomach and overtook his entire body. He was neither truly aware of himself, nor of his surroundings, but simply let the all-encompassing emptiness that he now felt, and had felt since the moment Maximilliana had fallen to the dust, overtake him. He stayed like that until he convulsed without sound, braced over the cold, metal table with the top of his shirt soaked with tears that had made it through his rough beard.
“Oh, Max…” he said again, and let the successive waves of grief wash over him.
He stayed at the table for over an hour. When he finally rose, his chest and throat ached and his colorless eyes were red and bloodshot. His shoulders were sore and spasming from supporting his weight in the awkward position. And as he left the hospital and replaced the air filter mask over his face, Soren felt an emotion long forgotten: utter uncertainty. The last time he had felt it had been fourteen years previously, on Spencer Butte, where the last section of his life had ended. And now, as he looked towards the following day, fear blossomed inside him, for he knew not what it would bring.
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2020.09.02 03:18 Cland3stined 25 [M4F] California: East Bay - Gaming? Eating great food? Hiking? Let's try it all and more together!

Howdy partner!
Been around the block a bit and it's high time to take action to put myself out there. As with most things (besides durians), I'm eager and excited to try a new chapter of my life to find a significant other.
The basic facts about me:
Little tidbits about me:
What I'm looking for:
Please, tell me more about yourself too such as your hobbies, likes/dislikes, fun tidbits which are always nice. Perhaps, throw out a philosophical perspective that you think is conversationally engaging. I'm always down to think about new perspectives.
Thanks for reading and if you want to talk more, PM me! Looking forward to it!
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2020.09.01 23:14 Sweet_Reputation 32 [F4R] Northeast PA - House, check. Back to college, check. Partner? Not yet.

(Note: not looking for anyone farther than the midwest and definitely not across an ocean)
After posting quite a bit on here, I've noticed a trend that made me take a good look at what I'm really, truly looking for. I primary post about me and who I am, trying to essentially convince someone that I would make a great partner (which I would), but I never spent time to write out WHO I'm looking for. So, this post will be about you...with a little warning about me to start out with as there is zero point wasting your time reading through it all if I don't appeal to you.
Cons: I'm a big girl at 5'10, 290 lbs. Not really a con, per se, but giving you a heads up. I'm also having surgery within the next year to fix a few issues I've been having with food. I also have a few mental health issues that I keep under control with meds, though there IS some work involved if I'm not at my best. I also have a lot of animals and I don't really like people in my house unless I know them VERY well. I don't have a job, but I'm not a gold digger and I'm 75% way through my third round of a disability claim. I've survived this long on my own and will continue to do so for many years more. I can be (to put it politely), "assertive" or that "I know my mind". Basically, I'm bossy when it comes to someone else's well being. I get frustrated when someone is sick/hurt/mentally unwell and they refuse to seek help when something is CLEARLY wrong. It drives me absolutely crazy as someone who is disabled. Get help if something can be fixed! Bossy comes around as in...if a room is dirty, I'll clean it or if you're unsure how to go about setting up a therapy appointment or doctor's appointment, I will gladly get your insurance name and look up medical providers for you. I have WAY too much experience sorting out the good doctors from the terrible ones. But just...please get help. When in doubt, listen to me :p
Also, no pot, please. If you take it medically, that's fine, but I don't like smoking or recreational drugs or frequent drinking. Even if it's legal in your state, please don't message me.
Pros: I'm a dork who loves to laugh and I enjoy peace and contentment in my life. Not much bothers me and I'm incredibly open minded (minus hunting and drug/alcohol use). I'm in school to become a therapist and I'd like to major in Psychology and Social Work. I'm a story teller and my voice is A+. I try to be kind and I don't seek out confrontations, although I am assertive. I'm a caretaker and I just want my partner's life to be easier. I'm also goofy and honestly, if you can get me to laugh, you're already 90% of the way in the door.
I've realized that I'm incredibly attracted to intelligence. Communication is my biggest turn-on and nothing can get me more interested or attracted than someone who not only can hold a conversation, but has passion and intelligence to keep me on my toes. Will I have any idea what you're talking about? Chances are nope, not a clue, BUT I love hearing people talk about their passions. I can't stress communication enough. If you don't talk to me or reply with one sentence responses that are essentially "yeah, agreed." I'm going to stop responding. I need good, open communication and someone who is 100% down for voice chats randomly during the day. I love having company as I'm cooking/cleaning/playing games. If the conversation is dull, I tend to check out. That doesn't mean I need 100% talking all the time. I've even sat in silence with someone over voice chat as we each were into our own thing, just saying occasional comments about what we were doing. I just need to feel that connection with someone.
I like the weird, awkward guys who talk too much. Maybe you sing too much or you're not afraid to be a dork or silly. Perhaps you have a spontaneous streak for road trips to go somewhere new. You probably struggle socially, but that's okay because I do too, but together we can take on any adventure.
I'm looking for someone who is willing to go to the park with me and my dog, and maybe you have a doggo, too. We can bring a picnic or just sit in the grass and talk about whatever is on our minds, or maybe not even talk at all, just sitting and enjoying the peace. After, we can grab some ice cream for us and the doggos then off to one of our places to watch a terrible disaster movie or listen to music and have an impromptu dance party. I'm looking for someone to add fun and spontaneity into my life, which I love to do, but has been lacking since I moved to PA.
For appearance, I do have particular looks I'm naturally attracted to, but when it comes down to it, it's more about personality for me. I'm naturally attracted to the slender dorky guys, guys with "dad bods", or the big, burly dudes. Height doesn't matter to me, but due to some past trauma, extremely large men honestly scare me. I'm totally okay with chubby guys or men with some extra. It's when guys are pushing 350+ that I start to pull away. Also, it's been more difficult in bed with very large men. Only one or two positions doesn't do it for me as I do like variety. But for me, personality is where it's at for that initial connection. If you have an A+ personality, everything else tends to work itself out.
For women, I've had two past partners and both have been short (5'3 and 5'2) chubby, dominant as all get out, with thighs for daaaaays that could crush watermelons. I honestly didn't even realize they looked so similar until I was a year in with my last partner. I go for cute girls, with curly hair definitely a plus since I love to play with hair. Tall, slender women are A+ as well. Big, more masculine presenting women are great. Basically, I love all body types when it comes to women, again, as long as their personality is great.
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2020.09.01 21:57 sodomy 33 [M4F] Yellowstone National Park/Anywhere - Dominant Social Chameleon ISO slave, pet, or hyper submissive.

33 [M4F] Yellowstone National Park/Anywhere - Dominant Social Chameleon ISO slave, pet, or hyper submissive. Well it's no real surprise that I've gotten no where when Reddit is notorious for ghosting, I figured I'd add a paragraph to the beginning of this post to showcase just the level of importance this is to me: every facet of my life is in order, minus having this. It's hard to meet people when you work in a national park, yes there's plenty of people passing by, I need something long term. So I implore you; do not waste my time, it's valuable and, limited as is with how much I work... I've come to the conclusion that you need to make an impression with these sort of things, so I'm going to just let my words flow freely. So here we go:


Height: 5'7 Weight: 160, could stand to lose a few lbs to get my abs back. Eyes: Brown eyes. Hair: Long curly brown hair (think Slash Rose's illegitimate son.) Race: White. Ethnicity: Hispanic (Cuban). Languages: English, and Spanish. Profession: IT guru with over 10 years experience in Technology; primarily focusing on Networking, and Systems Administration. Religion: Agnostic.

A little about me:

I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, oh did I mention that I'm a sadist, and that I'm utterly insane? I've been called a silver tongued devil; Quick witted, charismatic, with just the right amount of sarcasm. Hobbies: Not being bored, it's a lot harder than it sounds. I enjoy learning/conversing about The Universe/space, science, and technology. I was quite nomadic in my 20s, having visited two different countries, lived in over 11 states, visited over 30. Music: I'm more of a rhythm of the beat type of person vs. lyrics, but generally I've found myself to enjoy electronica. Definitely like a lot 80s synth pop, but again, this is just the preference, not really against the rest of the genres. Shows: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Board Walk Empire, Billions, Rome, Deadwood, Halt and Catch Fire, The Sopranos, South Park, Ozark, True Detective, Mad Men, Dexter, Better Call Saul, just to name a few. Movies: Almost anything Marvel, Beetlejuice, Fight Club, Brain Scan, The Quick and the Dead, Death Proof, The Devil's Rejects, Dreamcatcher, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Falling Down, Blood Work, Slience of the Lambs. I'm going to stop there, I honestly have nearly 1,000 movies; I have a wide ranging taste.

Who, where, why, and how.

"Where are you looking for this to occur?" Online, long distance with the possibility of IRL, obviously the latter is preferred, but I'm not going to disregard online in favor of the "real world", if you never want to meet I'm fine with this, just don't waste my time, and I shall not waste yours. "What are you looking for?" Well I can encompass a Master, a Dominant, or a Daddy, so it's really what can I provide for you? "How is such a thing possible?" Antisocial Personality Disorder (3.4 for those interested.) "Why was it necessary to mention that?" To give credence as to how I can, and have been all aspects of Dominance. "Monogamy or polyamory?" Favoritism towards polyamory, but seeing as it's rare to find multiple partners that allow me to explore my more sadistic side without tension, and/or drama, I'd go with monogamy if the individual allowed me to be depraved. Preference in the following order: Slave, submissive, little (I will explain further below.) Kinks: Sadism, TPE, CNC, bondage, degradation, humiliation, knife play, rope play, rape/abduction play, choking, impact play, spanking, hair pulling (I think you get the idea by now, there are still far more, here's a more comprehensive list.) Experience: 12+ years. So about that whole preference thing, as I am on the ASPD spectrum I'm capable of fulfilling whatever role(s) are required of me to get what I want. So let me explain further, I'm openly telling you far ahead of time that I lack emotions and empathy, with the hopes that me giving you the illusion of whatever it is you require, will be met with reciprocation of the kinks we can agree upon. This is where the waters get muddied for little's, I can definitely treat you like the princess you want to be, without all the douche-baggery you'll deal with as people tugging at your heart strings. Plenty of people around here pretend to be Daddies and will leave you absolutely heartbroken. Tired of games? Tired of bullshit? Well here's someone willing to give you all the care, attention, and affection you desire without any hassles. "Why would you want to be a Daddy Dom given your lack of emotions, and empathy?" I am a social chameleon. I've been perfecting my art for the majority of my life, I like the challenge. I like to learn people and, give them what they want with the idea that I get what I want in the end, it's called a social transaction. I know what respect is, and I believe I need to write a little about this. Once we've discussed clear limits, and terms, they shall not be crossed, it's counter productive for me to lose my play thing(s). I can be fiercely territorial of all my possessions, that includes the individual(s) I'm involved with, what is mine will be protected, whether you're a slave, a submissive, or a little.If you want someone to completely treat you like trash, I'm more than willingly to oblige, if you need a savior and a protector, well I can do that too. I'm able to encompass what is required; a means to an end. "What are you looking for in a submissive?" I'd like it to extend outside of the bedroom, but if it doesn't, whatever, I'm not going to repeat myself, so hopefully you've read this in it's entirety. "What are you looking for in a slave?" Mostly aesthetics, and objectification. Of course I'd expect loyalty, servitude, and there's a plethora more, but I don't feel I need to be too descriptive on this part. Now that I've written a fucking novel about myself, let's get to you.... Age: I prefer them younger (18+) , but have dated women as old as 45; generally if I find you attractive, I won't care. Height: the shorter the better, but I've dated women taller than myself, not a deal breaker. Weight: I'd like someone on the smaller side, a few extra pounds will be acceptable, but no one overweight please, just not my thing. I will list things below in order of preference, not necessarily a disqualifier. (This is only opinion, not a rating system.) Race: White, but as long as I'm attracted I won't care, I don't discriminate. Ethnicity: N/A read above. Language(s): The more the merrier, accents are a huge plus, whether a southern drawl, or other. Religion: I'm completely open to allowing you to practice whatever you'd like, just don't expect me to participate; I can be respectful of your beliefs, as long as you're respectful of mine, I am a man of science, The Universe is my religion (so to speak.) Eyes: Blue, green, hazel, brown (If you have Heterochromia iridum you move to the front of the line, I like mutations.) Hair: The longer the better, no preference as to style, as for color: I prefer true blondes, redheads, dirty blondes, and then brown. Tattoos: Sure, whatever, as long as it's not overwhelming or flat out tacky, in this day in age it's harder to find someone with none, so as the trend follows above. Piercings: Depends, some people can pull off septum piercings, but I personally dislike them, so if it compliments your facial features, sure why not. But there is definitely a breaking point where it becomes overwhelming and you just look like Hellraiser. Education: Strong preference towards educated women, this does not necessarily mean academics, open to all. Profession: No preference, but I do tend to like women in psychology (I have my reasons.) Personality: If I have to learn "your" pronouns, or apologize for my "white male privilege" you can fuck right off; I don't care about politics. Children: Strong preference in favor of not having them, unless we never intend to meet, or you don't expect a level of commitment from me to them, then I don't readily care, non-factor. To explain a tad bit, it isn't that I can't, I just would rather not raise children, I have too many plans in life that children would derail, maybe later. If you're interested in communicating further, I prefer talking on these platforms and in this order: Discord, WhatsApp, Reddit Chat\, Skype, Kik,* open to other forms of contact. \Reddit Chat isn't the same thing as their mailing system, just an FYI.* Go ahead and shoot me a message, I'm waiting.
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2020.09.01 21:12 Sweet_Reputation 32 [F4R] Northeast PA - First day back in college, now it's time to find a partner

(Note: not looking for anyone farther than the midwest and definitely not across an ocean)
I've noticed a HUGE influx of thirst posts on here in the past few months, so I hope this doesn't get lost in a sea of hookups. I'm not interested in a hookup and no, I don't want to sext as I find it cringy af.
After posting quite a bit on here, I've noticed a trend that made me take a good look at what I'm really, truly looking for. I primary post about me and who I am, trying to essentially convince someone that I would make a great partner (which I would), but I never spent time to write out WHO I'm looking for. So, this post will be about you...with a little warning about me to start out with as there is zero point wasting your time reading through it all if I don't appeal to you.
Cons: I'm a big girl at 5'10, 290 lbs. Not really a con, per se, but giving you a heads up. I'm also having surgery within the next year to fix a few issues I've been having with food. I also have a few mental health issues that I keep under control with meds, though there IS some work involved if I'm not at my best. I also have a lot of animals and I don't really like people in my house unless I know them VERY well. I don't have a job, but I'm not a gold digger and I'm 75% way through my third round of a disability claim. I've survived this long on my own and will continue to do so for many years more. I can be (to put it politely), "assertive" or that "I know my mind". Basically, I'm bossy when it comes to someone else's well being. I get frustrated when someone is sick/hurt/mentally unwell and they refuse to seek help when something is CLEARLY wrong. It drives me absolutely crazy as someone who is disabled. Get help if something can be fixed! Bossy comes around as in...if a room is dirty, I'll clean it or if you're unsure how to go about setting up a therapy appointment or doctor's appointment, I will gladly get your insurance name and look up medical providers for you. I have WAY too much experience sorting out the good doctors from the terrible ones. But just...please get help. When in doubt, listen to me :p
Also, no pot, please. If you take it medically, that's fine, but I don't like smoking or recreational drugs or frequent drinking. Even if it's legal in your state, please don't message me.
Pros: I'm a dork who loves to laugh and I enjoy peace and contentment in my life. Not much bothers me and I'm incredibly open minded (minus hunting and drug/alcohol use). I'm in school to become a therapist and I'd like to major in Psychology and Social Work. I'm a story teller and my voice is A+. I try to be kind and I don't seek out confrontations, although I am assertive. I'm a caretaker and I just want my partner's life to be easier. I'm also goofy and honestly, if you can get me to laugh, you're already 90% of the way in the door.
I've realized that I'm incredibly attracted to intelligence. Communication is my biggest turn-on and nothing can get me more interested or attracted than someone who not only can hold a conversation, but has passion and intelligence to keep me on my toes. Will I have any idea what you're talking about? Chances are nope, not a clue, BUT I love hearing people talk about their passions. I can't stress communication enough. If you don't talk to me or reply with one sentence responses that are essentially "yeah, agreed." I'm going to stop responding. I need good, open communication and someone who is 100% down for voice chats randomly during the day. I love having company as I'm cooking/cleaning/playing games. If the conversation is dull, I tend to check out. That doesn't mean I need 100% talking all the time. I've even sat in silence with someone over voice chat as we each were into our own thing, just saying occasional comments about what we were doing. I just need to feel that connection with someone.
I like the weird, awkward guys who talk too much. Maybe you sing too much or you're not afraid to be a dork or silly. Perhaps you have a spontaneous streak for road trips to go somewhere new. You probably struggle socially, but that's okay because I do too, but together we can take on any adventure.
I'm looking for someone who is willing to go to the park with me and my dog, and maybe you have a doggo, too. We can bring a picnic or just sit in the grass and talk about whatever is on our minds, or maybe not even talk at all, just sitting and enjoying the peace. After, we can grab some ice cream for us and the doggos then off to one of our places to watch a terrible disaster movie or listen to music and have an impromptu dance party. I'm looking for someone to add fun and spontaneity into my life, which I love to do, but has been lacking since I moved to PA.
For appearance, I do have particular looks I'm naturally attracted to, but when it comes down to it, it's more about personality for me. I'm naturally attracted to the slender dorky guys, guys with "dad bods", or the big, burly dudes. Height doesn't matter to me, but due to some past trauma, extremely large men honestly scare me. I'm totally okay with chubby guys or men with some extra. It's when guys are pushing 350+ that I start to pull away. Also, it's been more difficult in bed with very large men. Only one or two positions doesn't do it for me as I do like variety. But for me, personality is where it's at for that initial connection. If you have an A+ personality, everything else tends to work itself out.
For women, I've had two past partners and both have been short (5'3 and 5'2) chubby, dominant as all get out, with thighs for daaaaays that could crush watermelons. I honestly didn't even realize they looked so similar until I was a year in with my last partner. I go for cute girls, with curly hair definitely a plus since I love to play with hair. Tall, slender women are A+ as well. Big, more masculine presenting women are great. Basically, I love all body types when it comes to women, again, as long as their personality is great.
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2020.08.31 22:03 OrangeForeign How WWE Should have booked the women's tag team Championship

Hello fantasybooking! It's me again and welcome to the second installment of this series where I basically do a poor man's version of Adam Blampied and take opportunities I believe WWE missed or didn't use to their full potential and I rebook them "better". I already did a first episode of this thing with a Johnny Gargano NXT Title reign so if you want to know how this goes I suggest you check it out
Now I chose the Tag Team titles for the women's Division mostly because I believe they bungled them hard when their booking mattered the most (and a bit for the matches tonight but that's a side thing) and I believe I can fix WWE mistake so let's get started:

How WWE Should have booked the women's tag team Championship

Okay so for starters the titles are still announced going into the Elimination Chamber (I may do another booking where they appear earlier but for now let's keep this as IRL) and Bayley and Sasha are the inaugural champs, because that was absolutely the right call and they retain against Samoan Slaughterhouse at Fastlane. So let's jump to WrestleMania 35 since that's where we see the first change
Our first change here is we replace Nia and Tamina with the Riott Squad, mostly because the former had already lost to Bayley and Sasha earlier so they don't have much of a case to Challenge again. This match isn't much different from the original one, however the end is, as in this world it's not the IIconics who win the belts but the Riott Squad, as Sarah Logan ends up pinning Sasha clean to get the Titles. This since Sasha takes a leave of absence for the spring and most of the summer and I believe the best way to go out is putting someone else over
Riott Squad def Boss and Hug Connection, The IIconics and Divas of Doom to become the new Women's Tag Team Champions (15:10)
Now in real life the Riott Squad was split 8 days after WrestleMania since they sent Liv Morgan to Smackdown on her own and in this reality Liv still goes to Smackdown BUT so does Sarah, Ruby stays on Raw as she'll be out the rest of the year due to injury. But since they have the Tag Team titles Liv and Sarah can jump brands as they please ai they use that privilege most of the time, but they end up in the wrong side of the Divas of Doom, who Challenge them for Money in the Bank
Money in the Bank 2019: Riott Squad (c) vs Divas of Doom
The DOD have their claim here since they were not involved in the finish at WM35, and in this world Beth stays just for a bit longer, not full time, just a month after WrestleMania so she and Nattie can get another opportunity for the belts. Something I forgot to mention before is Liv and Sarah keep the team name and personas since they're so heavily attached to it and kayfabe explain it as a show of appreciation for her fallen friend. But back to the match the Riott Squad manages to go over again as they take out Nattie with a flapjack + side codebreaker combo for the win
Riott Squad def Divas of Doom to retain the Tag Team Championships (10:55)
During the following weeks Logan and Morgan start to pick on the new girl around in Kairi Sane. Unfortunately for them what they don't know is the new girl has a friend looking for her: Asuka. The Kabuki Warriors are formed here and worst of all for the champions, they're under Paige's wing, that meaning the newly formed Kabuki Warriors have a free title shot at Stomping Grounds
Stomping Grounds 2019: Riott Squad (c) vs Kabuki Warriors
Titles on the line again here as Liv and Sarah face Kairi and Asuka and it seems like the champions bit more than they can chew as the faces seem to have an answer to everything the heels try. It looks like we might get new champions but the Riott Squad manages to outsmart their opponents as they get intentionally DQ by using the belts to clobber their opponents
Kabuki Warriors def Riott Squad by DQ (9:25) Championship can't change hands by DQ or Countout so the Riott Squad are still champions
In base to what happened at Stomping Grounds Paige gives her proteges a rematch at Extreme Rules, and to avoid more Riott Squad shenanigans she makes it a No DQ match, making sure there will be a decisive winner at Extreme Rules
Extreme Rules 2019: Riott Squad (c) vs Kabuki Warriors. No Disqualification match
Both teams take advantage of the stipulation as their feud gets more and more intense by the week. There are all kinds of foreign objects involved and a couple of nasty bumps. But in the end the Champions manage to just Escape with the belts after Kairi Is About to put Liv through a table with an Insane Elbow, but Sarah moves her partnefriend out of harms way just in time, making Kairi go through the table herself before Liv crawls over her and pins her just before Asuka can break it. Riott Squad survives again
Riott Squad def Kabuki Warriors to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships (21:15)
After Extreme Rules the Riott Squad come out to the ring on Smackdown and gloat about being the longest reigning Women's Tag Team Champions and throw a "celebration" for making it to 100 days as Champions but it is, as expected, crashed by pretty much the entire division as GlowMella, the IIconics and Fire and Desire all stake their claims at the titles, and to make matters worse for the champions the newly formed team of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross shows up as well. Having so many teams looking for the titles gives Paige and idea. Gauntlet match at SummerSlam between all the teams previously mentioned
SummerSlam: Riott Squad (c) vs Fire and Desire vs The IIconics vs BlissCross vs GlowMella. Gauntlet match
The entire Division minus the Kabuki Warriors (because Asuka Is facing Bayley for the Smackdown Women's Championship in this world) are involved in this match. GlowMella and the Riott Squad are the first two teams out and the champions prevail, tho Carmella and Naomi bring the fight to them. Next up are the IIconics, who despite having the advantage of being fresh they can't put away the champions despite dominating most of the match as Sarah rolls up Peyton to stay alive in the match. Fire and Desire is up next as we have a heel vs heel match here. The Riott Squad tries to hold their own but the wear and tear from the previous two matches is just too much as they are eliminated by the former Absolution. BlissCross is the final team out as we'll have new champions no matter what here. In the end, Alexa saves Nikki from getting pinned by Mandy, then hits the Purge on her a few seconds later, followed by Twisted Bliss from Alexa as Nikki stops Sonya from Breaking the pin. After the match Alexa and Nikki embrace, cementing their friendship
BlissCross def Fire and Desire, the Riott Squad, the IIconics and GlowMella to become the new Women's Tag Team Champions (32:07)
Since they can now jump brands at will, the fully face BlissCross goes to Smackdown in the search for challengers. The IIconics shock the world as they earn #1 Contendership at Clash of Champions and have a very similar feud to what they had with the Riott Squad IRL going into last night, with Billie and Peyton questioning the friendship of the Champions and saying Alexa can't be trusted being the main focus of this rivalry.
Clash of Champions 2019: BlissCross (c) vs The IIconics
What looked like a mere defense for the champions turns into a bit more than that when it's shown the IIconics trash talking got in Nikki's head as she almost leaves Alexa at one point, but cooler heads prevail and she stays with her friend and they manage to overcome the IIconics in their first defense
BlissCross def The IIconics to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships (11:55)
After getting rid of the Aussies, Nikki and Alexa make good of the original promise to bring the titles to NXT, as they're announced to be defending I'm the first NXT on USA. First night in USA has this high stakes match between BlissCross and Team Kick, which unfortunately ends in a double DQ as Shayna Baszler and the Horsewomen attack everyone when they're well into the match and by extension exhausted.
This starts a feud on NXT between the Horsewomen and Team Kick as BlissCross goes back up to Raw and, for the time being are out of challengers or so it seems as Fire and Desire want a rematch from SummerSlam, accusing they had to wrestle an extra match before facing BlissCross at SummerSlam and if it wasn't for that they'd be champions. Alexa and Nikki accept their Challenge and deem to prove Rose and DeVille wrong
Hell in a Cell 2019: BlissCross (c) vs Fire and Desire
Alexa and Nikki face the FKA Absolution, who're on the hunt for their first gold in the company and are willing to do anything to get them. The match is your typical face vs heel match with Fire and Desire isolating Bliss for a while before Nikki gets the hot tag and breaks lose. In the end the Champions remain as such after Nikki pins Sonya as BlissCross debut the 3DT as their Tag Team finisher (the DDT variation of the 3D they used a few times)
BlissCross def Fire and Desire to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships (16:30)
Immediately after HIAC there's the Draft, and in terms of the Women's Tag Division there's quite a Shakeup, as BlissCross moves to Smackdown but the Riott Squad, IIconics and Kabuki Warriors all move to Raw. Leaving 3 teams on each brand (BlissCross, Fire and Desire and GlowMella for Smackdown, the other 3 for Raw).
In the mid time on NXT, Team Kick has won the he opportunity to Challenge again for the Tag Titles after defeating the Horsewomen in a #1 contender match. The match is announced for the November 1st Smackdown (the NXT Invasion Smackdown)
11/1/19 Friday Night Smackdown; BlissCross (c) vs Team Kick
The two biggest teams of NXT and Smackdown collide and, since it is the NXT Invasion show, there's an attempt of a run in by the NXT women's Division trying to help their representatives but the Smackdown roster and security outnumber them and get the yellow brand out of there so the match can have a proper finish, and it does, because Team Kick manages to outsmart the Champions as Dakota takes Nikki out with a GTK on the outside and Tegan finishes Alexa with the Shiniest Wizard in the ring for the 1 2 3
**Team Kick def BlissCross to become the new Women's Tag Team Champions (20:11)
With the titles now back on NXT Team Kick draws a lot of eyes to them and a target on their backs. An important note is they're not involved on the Wargames match as they're busy dealing with different teams and they're replaced by Mia Yim and Toni Storm in the match, this meaning Team Kick is alive and in the well. However this doesn't mean they're out of trouble, as the Horsewomen set their eyes on those titles with the goal of getting all the gold since Shayna is still Women's Champion around this time.
NXT Takeover Wargames 3: Team Kick (c) vs Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir
Dakota and Tegan face their first challenge in Shayna's goons, who spend most of the match targeting Tegan's knee, but she manages to tag in Dakota who cleans house. Typical face vs heel match that is rather short for a Takeover to hide Shafir and Duke's weaknesses. In the end Dakota pins Duke after a Kairopractor to retain
Team Kick def Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships (12:45)
Team Kick doesn't defend at Survivor Series since Tegan is on the 5 vs 5 vs 5 match but as a compensation they do make an invitation for anyone who wants to challenge them on the December 16th episode of NXT. Team VXT (Deonna Purazzo and Chelsea Green) answer the Challenge but Team Kick still retains. On the NXT yearly awards Tegan, and not Dakota like IRL, wins future superstar of the year, and this upsets the Captain of Team Kick a bit, but still supports her friend, who's just in cloud nine about it and won't stop talking about how great it feels to be given that award. The second show of the year for NXT a triple brand battle royal for the right to face Team Kick at World's Collide takes place and sees the Kabuki Warriors, the Riott Squad and Piper Niven and Toni Storm as the final three teams. Toni accidentally eliminates her partner and in the shock of it she gets blindsided by Sarah Logan, who throws her out. The Kabukis end up winning here after Asuka throws Liv out last (side note the Kabukis are still heels here, they turn just like IRL) and the Empress of Tomorrow and Kairi Face off with Kai and Nox. During the next weeks it's clear Dakota is starting to get sick of things and insinuates maybe she can try to go back to being on her own.
World's Collide: Team Kick (c) vs Kabuki Warriors
Two excellent teams going at it in a Takeover worthy match, tho there are some moments of miscommunication between Tegan and Dakota, but they try to shrug it off. However in the end a miscommunication is what costs them, as Tegan accidentally flattens Dakota with a Molly Go Round and Asuka takes advantage to hit a hip attack on Tegan before Kairi pins Dakota
Kabuki Warriors def Team Kick to become the new Women's Tag Team Champions (27:35)
After the match Tegan tries to console Dakota but when she helps her friend up Dakota kicks her in the face! Kai has had enough of Tegan and beats her up before hitting a GTK and leaving, having turned heel.
The Kabukis don't defend at the Royal Rumble as they just won the titles and the team with a rematch had just imploded. They do however have a match at the Elimination Chamber PPV, as the Riott Squad, now fully recovered with Ruby back, turns face by confronting Asuka and Kairi Sane and gets a chance to become the new champs at the PPV
Elimination Chamber 2020: Kabuki Warriors (c) vs Riott Squad (Riott and Logan)
The Riott Squad at it's 100% proves to be a force to be reckoned with as they not only have what it takes in the ring, but have Liv on the outside to warn her friends of any dirty trick the champions might be thinking of. Unfortunately for Sarah and Ruby that advantage goes away in the end as Kairi frames Liv And gets her thrown out. A few minutes later Sarah ends up falling victim to the Green Mist and gets pinned by Asuka As Ruby Can't get there to make the save
Kabuki Warriors def Riott Squad to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships (18:53)
Going into WrestleMania the Kabukis say they have no challengers, and dodge their way out of anything they put in front of them. Lucky for the fans, Stephanie McMahon has an answer for this, as it just happens two people are free in their schedules and want to make good on their previous promise of being there for the Tag Division. Trish Stratus and Lita make a surprise return to challenge the Kabukis at WrestleMania (quick note, COVID doesn't exist in this booking or in any others I do)
WrestleMania 36: Kabuki Warriors (c) vs Trish Stratus and Lita
The legends try to stop the Asian's mischief and "reign of terror" as they prove they both still have it and more. As the match comes to an end Lita is about to hit a Moonsault on Asuka, but Kairi pushes her off the ropes. Trish hits the Stratusfaction on the Pirate Princess (who BTW does a throwback to that gimmick for the night, plus her face paint) on the apron but doesn't realize Asuka has Lita in the Asuka Lock, forcing her to tap out
Kabuki Warriors def Lita and Trish Stratus to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships (25:39)
The titles aren't defended at Money in the Bank as Asuka Is Part of the Women's MITB ladder match, so we jump to the buildup to Backlash. The Kabukis turn face after Becky hands Asuka the Raw Women's Championship and they decide to go to Smackdown on the look for new Challenges. BlissCross, Carmella and Dana Brooke and the now heel Banks and Bayley emerge as challengers. An elimination triple threat to face the Kabukis at Backlash takes place with Dana and Mella going down first, and BlissCross falling victim to a surprise roll up from Banks to Nikki as the Role Models get the chance to win the titles at Backlash and in Bayley's case replace Asuka As double Champion
Backlash 2020: Kabuki Warriors (c) vs Role Models
4 top talents colliding in the ring and they for sure live up to the hype of it. This would be even better than their title match on Raw since they are on POF and not rushed by time. As great of a match this is it doesn't have everyone at their 100%, as Asuka Also defended the Raw title vs Nia Jax earlier that night. This ends up being costly to the Kabukis as Asuka can't get there to make the save when Bayley hits Kairi with a Rose Plant for the win
Role Models def Kabuki Warriors to become the new Women's Tag Team Champions (19:10)
The Kabukis lose their rematch five days later and the Role Models show up on Raw to rub it on their faces since then but they don't stop there as they also visit NXT and face Tegan and Shotzi. To add to Bayley defending her title against Mandy Rose at Extreme Rules, BlissCross, team BAD and the Riott Squad get the chance to Challenge them at the PPV
Extreme Rules 2020 : Role Models (c) vs Team BAD (Naomi and Tamina) vs Riott Squad vs BlissCross
The champs have more than they can handle so they take a backseat and wait for the perfect moment to strike, specially Bayley since she has her match vs Mandy Rose coming up after this and cares more about her title than the Tag one. In the end the Role Models strategy works as Sasha steaks the pin from Ruby Riott on Tamina to retain the belts
Role Models def Riott Squad, BlissCross and Team BAD to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships (15:20)
During the following weeks Bayley and Sasha start to call themselves the two women power trip and show up to Raw to show off as much as possible. On the August 3rd edition of Raw the Riott Squad is on the KO show talking about how they have to keep working hard to get the titles back when the Role Models interrupt them and mock Liv and Ruby. This leads to a non title match that the Riott Squad wins that same night, earning another shot at the Role Models which they decide to use the following week
8/10/20 RAW: Role Models (c) vs Riott Squad
The two nemesis teams of the division face off again and the Squad looks to get the Titles back just like they took them away from the Role Models the first time. Despite all the mind games and cheap shots of the Champions the Riott Squad shocks the world as they defeat the Role Models again after a combined finisher on Bayley (the same they used last night)
Riott Squad def Role Models to become the new Women's Tag Team Champions (24:06)
Going into SummerSlam Ruby and Liv are eager for new challenges as they're fighting champions now. In come the IIconics. The Australians are tired of not getting shots and mock the Riott Squad for their looks, calling them punk rats amongst other things. This is enough for Ruby and Liv to take offense and invite the IIconics to get an ass whooping at SummerSlam
SummerSlam 2020: Riott Squad (c) vs IIconics
Just like last year, the Riott Squad is entering SummerSlam as Champions, only this time the task is way easier. Beat just one team instead of five, and without much surprise they do just that, as they put away the IIconics in relatively dominant fashion after Liv hits a Flatliner off the ropes on Billie
Riott Squad def IIconics to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships (8:51)
With Payback the following week the Role Models issue one more Challenge, taking offense to not being the only 2x champs so they want to be the first 3x tag team Champions. Ruby and Liv accept, but a condition is put in the match: If Banks and Bayley lose they can't Challenge for the Tag Titles again
Payback 2020: Riott Squad (c) vs Role Models
A clash of two opposite realities. A solidified friendship vs a crumbling one. The Role Models have been falling out of favor ever since their second title loss to the Riott Squad, who on the other hand have never been better. The sense of urgency is there for Banks and Bayley, as they get easily frustrated and that proves to be fatal for them, as Bayley accidentally takes out Sasha, only to turn around and eat a Riott Kick from Ruby to retain
Riott Squad def Role Models to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships (17:14)
Number of days as Champions
1) Riott Squad - 144+ days
2) Kabuki Warriors - 138 days
3) Banks and Bayley - 107 days
4) Team Kick - 85 days
5) BlissCross - 80 days
Longest Reign: Kabuki Warriors - 138 days
Shortest reign: Banks and Bayley (1) - 49 days
That's it for this long ass booking. You liked it? You hated it? Leave your thoughts down below! And your suggestions for future bookings as well, see ya!
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2020.08.31 05:10 zedleppelin_ Staying with for the kid

Hello there,
Long time reader, that finally decided to pull the curtain on my situation and put it out there in the world, see what comes of it...
My story is like so;
I (34M) have a 4yr old son with my common law partner (34F) and we live in an apartment. (We are technically engaged, since found out pregnant)We’ve been together 7 yrs and it’s been a very challenging time for me, as my current situation is about as far from where I wanted to be. Possibly buying a house due to such good mortgage rates..
Quick backstory...
I am a pilot and former bartender, who was always single and enjoyed that scene. I met a girl and we connected, fell “in love” and all that jazz..long story short, she had followed me to a small northern community and we ended up getting pregnant (neither wanted kids at all), but she decided to keep it. I did the right thing and stayed and still felt ok with things, we were still active sexually and things were fine. Fast forward 4+ yrs, I’m quite unhappy, due to the lack of not just intimacy, sex and anything physical (other than her mandatory “goodnight pecks”), but not to forget the fact we have quite little in common (kid has become more of a business partner type of situation, I wouldn’t feel that bad if she just said move out, go away of if I died tomorrow)
Our child has slept in her bed every night of his life (4+yrs). I’ve never been okay with this, as you can imagine how that reeks havoc on one’s relationship physically, but I’m also understanding and know I’m not around much and she’s not having an easy time with it. I am so understanding of her situation (basically a single mom, working at a job she hates, plus a side job that she loves, but won’t quit the crap paying job to do full time, cause she thinks it’s noble somehow, when the cash job **salon spa thing makes enough to pay bills and then some.
With my weird hours (night cargo pilot) and my little time at home, it is quite hard to be gone so much and be up at odd hrs that when I come home, yes an early night cuddling into the 4yr old is excellent and my favourite, but I come home for long stretches and somehow there seems to be a lack of interest from her thrown my way at any time. Ppl in their 30’s shouldn’t feel like we’re in our 60’s. All I ever see when it’s bedtime, is the son asleep, her on her phone doing a crossword and me, looking up at the ceiling in the dark, wondering why am I even here. If all I wanted was someone to cook and do my laundry, I’d hire a maid. Having said all this, I lay in bed, on my phone after she falls asleep (plugs phone in, leans over to give peck and forces Me to say “I love you”. I’m always reading these forums or googling “stay together for the kids”, what I should do, yada yada and I just do that till I die a little more inside and pass out. Wake up feeling empty and put on a brave face for the day. She complains that I look miserable all the time. Mainly cause deep down, I know this woman is not the one I see myself spending my life with. The child has caused a lot of things to change, and being understanding, I know that roles are different now, but going 6 months or more without sex Is not healthy in my mind. I’m not an ugly person, I’m a professional, I look good in a uniform, I’m plenty charming and all that, I just feel like I’m dying inside. When I’m at my crash pad or in hotels, I’m so much happier, minus the missing my son. I don’t want to feel like I do, but honestly, I am at a point where I kinda just don’t care anymore. Last year, I bought a bunch of really nice tailored suits and shirts and starting dressing much nicer. I keep them in my apt and wear one home when I go on days off. I look Good, but she never seems to be interested. I know having a baby changed her body, she put on a bit of weight (she usedto be the pretty thin athletic blond) but now, since the baby, she’s a bit chunkier and has a rump. I always compliment her and tell her she looks good, she does, but knowing how motivated she can be and how little she actually tries infuriates me. I know she tries in regard to diet and has her diet in check, but she never does any exercise whatsoever (good metabolism, but it stopped). I even put the exercise bike by the couch, so it can be used anytime and with ease. (Now that the kid is self sufficient and not on her 24/7), but she never touches it. I put it there for myself and I use it, even in front of her, hoping maybe it’ll give the hint, “hey, maybe try this out, you’ll feel better” than sitting looking at your phone on the couch.
I used to be active, always doing stuff, but since her, all we do is sit on the couch and watch tv. I’ve become a shell of my former self, I find it so hard to get back into my routine. I’ve started eating better, but the night work makes it hard to be motivated on the Road. She’s a lazy person and laziness is contagious. I know her Situation isn’t easy, but I also know what she’s Capable of. So much more. I’ve wrote letters, I’ve said talks, I’ve heard her side, I’ve moved my situation many times to accommodate, ive been more than accommodating actually. Even after I found out about a Secret 20k debt.
Her ex was a real piece of work and she stayed for way too long. Gave him the house. Dummy.
Anyways, I’d like to get into detail about everything, but what I’m wondering is, is staying with someone, who is by all accounts a good mom, good looking (if she tried), and loyal worth it, if I’ve lost 80+% of my interest and know I’d be just fine out in today’s single world (I am fine on my own, did my whole adult life before 29 single/no relationship longer than 6 months) I find she infuriates me with everything she does. I’m Massive into music, play in bands, etc and she is not. When she turns the music down in the car I die a little inside every time. She never even saw me play live once when I was doing it, even tho we had an option for a babysitter.
We just dont have anything in common except the kid. It’s sad, cause if she’d change just a few minor things, I’d probably be happy, but I’ve mentioned them on multiple occasions and they never happen.
All I’ve ever wanted is the two of us to just sit on the couch and play guitar (she knows a few chords, but never plays)(even if I ask). Rolls her eyes and picks up her phone..She makes me feel guilty for wanting to play.
I’m at a point where I’d rather play the guitar than sit with her and she gives me crap about when I grab it. I even think of her feelings, as I know I need to spend quality time with them, engaging and hanging out, so I do y play hardly at all anymore.
I’m a pilot, so I’m away a lot and also commute, so I have a second apartment as well. My time home equates to roughly 10 days a month, give it take. I want to Hang with her, but honestly it just makes me feel dead inside. I’m staying in it for the kid and only reason I don’t leave is thought of either her somehow magically changing to what I “need” and missing out...or another man coming in and getting to take my place in a lot of ways. I’ll always be the dad, but we never get the good side of things when we go..
I dont ask for sex or anything I want anymore (last couple times I wasnt able to cum, as I’m just not mentally turned on by who she has become), I just do my job as a dad, tell her what she wants to hear, try to put on a brave face and accept that this is me now..I’ve asked and she’s told me “I’ll work on it” but it always comes back to the same thing. I have zero desire for anymore kids, pets. nor anything close to it. She doesn’t like to travel or be adventurous and it’s killing me. I’ve changed so much of myself to be who she wants I’m A very patient person and I don’t want to hurt her, as I know it would be devastating to the whole family, but I’m also getting depressed from it. Her negativity is contagious. I always tell her “go out, see friends, enjoy yourself” when I’m home. I support her in all ways, I buy her clothes to make her feel sexy, I clean, do dishes, do the dad thing well. I’m just caught in a hard spot I have no desire to marry this woman. She’s a great person, I just know she’s not who I’m suppose to be with. Just typing this is making me feel even more so. I see women everywhere and all I can think of is how unhappy I am. But I hold my son and it helps. And now I’ve rambled.. So in short, I need some advice, I just being too demanding of her and need a good ol shut yer mouth you little whiny bitch, be a man and just stick it out...
or should I chase my own happiness (whatever the hell that is at this point, I’m not sure who I am anymore) on my own, not put my son first and say the hell with “Staying together for the kids”
Is it silly to buy a house with someone in this situation, or is it better to know the child will be in a house, with a yard, safe and also a lower monthly payment
Sorry for the long, windy, sometimes incoherent rant, there’s a lot more I could go on about, but yeh.. thought I’d throw it to the wolves, see what happens
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2020.08.30 17:31 borzboiz Unequal relationships!

I know I definitely read something very similar to this on here before but it’s been on my brain all week.
I would love more options in paramaker for family relationships. A real diversity! (Crush, Best friend, roommate, Uncle, ex-wife) etc so you could set relationships and complex drama before even playing a family.
I think it would be cool if you got an empty family tree part of paramaker and you could select sims from the already existing paras you have or from the new ones you’ve made in paramaker to fill the spots. Say like, I’ve been playing a family for ages, right? I’d like to be able to make a new sim in paramaker and make him like, the cousin or grandson of a para I’ve already made and been playing for ages. And maybe something similar for friends.
I think it would help a lot with drama. Often times in other simulation games I end up wanting a family to have a dead parent can’t without making both parents and killing one in gameplay.
I also think unequal relationships are super important - though I don’t know exactly how that would be implemented. I’d love to be able to give my para a crush on someone who doesn’t even know they exist, or have a marriage where one partner is oblivious and happy and the other has no attraction for their partner anymore and wants to leave. I’d love to be able to have people divorce and one para is DEVASTATED and the other is having the best day of their lives.
Like I said, no idea how that would be implemented. Maybe a sliding bar for relationship meters in paramaker on the family tree where you could put the relationship where you want it. And then the option to click and select “make x a crush” or something in gameplay. Maybe personality traits would determine how interactions go so it would be possible for one two paras to talk and one get a minus relationship while the other gets a plus from the same interaction. You could be having the best conversation ever and not realize you’re actually pissing the other para off.
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2020.08.28 16:57 DeeDee_Z Comments on rooms

Last month I again took a trip from the midwest to the west coast. One way, I was alone, so bought a roomette; the other direction, with my partner, decided to check out what a bedroom actually entailed. We of course had -looked- in a bedroom as we walked by, but had never -stayed- in one before, so this was an opportunity to "see for ourselves".
It has its plusses and minuses.
So, now we have our own data. Bedroom might be more suitable (AND more cost-effective) for a couple traveling with -one- child. Next time we travel together we'll probably try for two adjacent roomettes -- which would be slightly cheaper for that hypothetical younger couple traveling with child(ren) as well.
(And now I have -just- enough points for a weekend trip to someplace nearby!)
Ask questions if you have them, or if there's something I missed.
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2020.08.28 12:39 arosiecomplexion [Review] Prada Cahier Astrology Bag from Non-TS HyperPeter (& bonus comparison to Auth Prada City Cahier Bag)

I have lusted after the Prada Cahier Astrology Bag for the darn longest time. I’m not into astrology or anything, but there was just something about this bag that called to me. I think it’s the classic style mixed with a bit of edginess? Is that it? Now I feel 80. Or maybe I’m just unashamedly basic af. Anyway the bag was loooooong gone by the time I knew about it and the only second-hand one I could find was in the “fuxia” pink (which I seriously considered buying, then having dyed black. I know.).
Come this time last year, I had a big career milestone coming up and wanted something special to commemorate it. Reaching this milestone involved a f-tonne of study and continues to involve lots of reading and writing, so the book style of the Cahier was appealing looks-wise and fit in well with the occasion. I didn’t like the larger Cahier cos I got major accordion vibes (plus it was heavy af when empty so I didn’t want to imagine what that would do to my shoulder full of my shit). I’m also very light on with what I carry around so mini bags are right up my alley anyway.
My amazeballs partner and family gifted me the City Cahier when I reached my milestone. I distinctly remember picking the bag up from the Prada store in Collins St after work one day with my partner in our grubby exercise gear whilst sipping Veuve Clicquot then RIDING HOME WITH IT in my backpack and praying to the treacherous bike path gods to spare me and my new child. Safe to say, baby made it home in one piece (as did I, which was a bonus).
ANYWAY here we go - review of the rep Astrology with bonus comparisons to my auth City Cahier.
I was not asked to write this review. Peter took 50¥ off the price which I assume is a RL discount.
Seller: Non-TS HyperPeter (Peter) via WhatsApp (+852 6434 3151)
Price: 1150¥ (1200¥-50¥) + 204¥ shipping = 1354¥, ~$270AUD
Payment method: TransferWise
Shipping: EMS
My photos
Factory pics
Auth (also this one, which shows the bag a bit clearer but also lol @ “mint condition” and 4k price tag with all that tarnishing on the buckle and loss of shape on the sides. Oof.)
Quality - 8.4/10
Off the bat, here’s the good stuff:
Of course it’s not perfect though. Here are my (mostly minor) qualms:
Accuracy - 9.15/10
Hopefully the comparison photos with my auth do this bag the justice it deserves. Some features that aren’t on point:
Buuut this bag hits it out of the park with:
Satisfaction - 10/10
I’ve tried to be objective and nitpicky about this bag for the purposes of this review, but I genuinely love this bag. I would have absolutely no qualms wearing it out and about, into a Prada boutique, to see my gyno, wherever. I’ve had it sitting at my desk next to me all day for me to drool over and all I can smell is leather and all I can see is happiness. No it’s not bang on, but it is everything I was expecting in a rep bag and more. I get a tonne of use out of my auth and can’t wait to change things up with this baby when I’m feeling more *edgy*. It is clearly a high quality item (not to mention literally less than 1/10 of the cost of the auth *swallow*) so I’m thrilled!
Seller Communication and Service - 9.5/10
The whole order process was super smooth for my first rep. Peter was great overall, but I felt his communication dropped a little after I paid for the bag. I did have to follow him up a couple of times but I know everyone’s busy so it’s no big deal. I did ask what factory the bag was from and he didn’t answer that question, so coupled with the above I’ll -.5 but I would happily deal with him again.
Edit: comment on the metal closure loop/tongue closure.
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2020.08.26 07:50 gough3-14 [ discord ] looking for a long-term, active partner!

this is my second try, after i did a fumble with my phone and entirely deleted what it was i said by mistake. hopefully i have the patience! for starters - hello, my name is harvey, i use he/him pronouns and i'm flaming, and i am eighteen years of age. i'm looking for a good-old-fashioned gay roleplay and to make some friends through it, nothing more! i am happily taken in person.
i have a few ground rules i want to go into detail about and, be warned, it's a doozy.
and now, to the good stuff - what is it exactly that i'm interested in? well, i'm glad you asked. here's a few blurbs of what i really enjoy writing about:
out of these three, i'm certainly always down for a raunchy reniassance roleplay, and i'm certainly always craving one. if you're interested and you have any other questions to ask of me, feel free to shoot me a private message. i do not roleplay on here, though, but if you're passionate enough, i'd be willing to make an exception. i just prefer to use discord for organization purposes. if you do want to use discord, we can discuss further in the PM's, and if i, too, am interested, i'll shoot ya my username.
have a good day/night, all! thanks for the time and i really appreciate you if you read all the way down here (,:
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