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24CH - French Streaming now up to date

2017.04.04 04:37 fuck_ya_bud 24CH - French Streaming now up to date

24CH is a groundbreaking documentary series chronicling the on and off-ice evolution of the Montreal Canadiens.


French streaming is now up to date

Streaming PASSWORD: 5avo  
Episode Download Links Streaming Links
1 EN / FR EN / FR
2 EN / FR EN / FR
3 EN / FR EN / FR
4 EN / FR EN / FR
5 EN / FR EN / FR
6 EN / FR EN / FR
7 EN / FR EN / FR
8 EN / FR EN / FR
9 EN / FR EN / FR
10 EN / FR EN / FR
11 EN / FR EN / FR
12 EN / FR EN / FR
13 EN / FR EN / FR
14 EN / FR EN / FR
15 EN 10Mbps / FR EN 5Mbps / FR
16 EN / FR EN / FR
17 EN / FR EN / FR
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2016.08.05 15:43 kakamaus [Backup Post] Kakamaus Summary before shortening

--> Live Summary

Summary before shortening:

July 32nd:

work-hours 1:00pm - 5:00pmGMT

July 33rd:

work-hours 1:00pm - 6:03pmGMT
  • 1:00pmGMT He's back sweeping the fucking floor.
  • 1:09pmGMT He walked to the speaker and took something out.
  • 1:09pmGMT Back to sawing wood He's cutting metal now. Also the ticking sound returned.
  • 1:13pmGMT A close up revealed it's actually Frank Ocean, wearing a The Jesus and Mary Chain shirt.
  • These are the new camera angles #3 and #4.
  • 1:20pmGMT Music started playing. Some futuristic instrumentals.
  • He's been deburring the metal cutouts for 30 minutes.
  • 2:10pmGMT New camera angles #5 also #6 follows Frank around.
  • 2:15pmGMT One of the songs playing is from the Calvin Klein ad.
  • 2:20pmGMT He's done with deburring, cleans the table and is nail-gunning now.
  • 2:35pmGMT Fuck no he left the view.Progress till now .... well music starts playing again.
  • 2:40pmGMT He went into the corner with the speaker. Angle #7 showed. Now he's back, prabably took a piss.
  • 3:14pmGMT New camera angle #8. He's drilling holes now
  • 3:45pmGMT New camera #9 followed Frank around. He was sitting on a workbench for a minute or so.
  • 4:50pmGMT Nothing new except more closeups and follow-around-cameras. Imgur Album.
  • 5:01pmGMT He's staying longer than yesterday apparently.
  • He's making black squares with a hole.
  • 5:27pmGMT He put on a jacket and continued working.
  • 5:40pmGMT He left, reappeared for a minute, and eventually left the building 5:42pmGMT.
  • 5:59pmGMT After music and weird noises in the background he came back.
  • 6:03pmGMT Walked out to the left, just as casual as he came in 5 hours ago. Progress after day 2
  • Some report the video disappeared from Not for everybody.
  • Redditors are calling up Apple Stores. Some representatives confirm a release on Friday is 'in the system'. Not undoubtedly.

July 34th - day off?:

wednesday work-hours LLLLL
  • 8:27amGMT : (possibly connected) Frank's producer Malay tweeted:
    "So many races are won in the last 5m, games won in the last second/play. Never stop until it's over"
  • He did not enter the workshop at 1:00pmGMT as usual.
  • 11:59pmGMT Still no Frank. Maybe they postponed the stream to serve US viewers.

July 35th - pray:

thursday work-hours 4:20amGMT - 9:54amGMT and 9:40pmGMT - friday
  • 1:00amGMT : Frank's mother @katonya1 posted a video to Instagram with #boysdontcry. Someone asked "Where's the Album?", she responds with 5 sun emojiis. (to note tho: her sunscreen company)
    • Video transcript: "Hi guys, I love New York. It's a beautiful night, I'm a walker and I love that I can just walk all by myself and I don't feel scared. And it's just awesome. Hey, I love you guys, New York."*
  • Any claims the album will drop 11:00pmEST (iTunes schedule) or 9:30amPST are only suggestions, no proof at all.
  • 4:20amGMT : Frank returned. Back to welding.
  • He wore a welding jacket and later glitched into a Playboy christmas sweater (-> Christmas Eve -> presents/album tommorow?!). Same as one of the guys in the thumbnail.
  • New instrumentals. Also guitar and piano. (Collection below)
  • 5:30amGMT : We might have heard John Mayer playing Lionel Ritchie's 'Say You, Say Me'.
  • 6:12amGMT : Voices are playing now. Most likely Franks. It appears to be an enhanced version of the song that was played first on July 32nd.
  • The stream is intentionally glitching today. VHS-style distortion lines and now he disappeared for a brief moment and teleported.
  • 6:31amGMT : He got a phone call.
  • 6:58amGMT : He sat down then left, only to return 6 minutes later with tea. Stream still glitching in his absence. (Again music played in the background indicated this was just a break, not the end.)
  • 7:04amGMT : Apparently he's bolting and gluing stuff together. (Close-Up)
  • He's positioning the wood between the workbenches, just as in the thumbnail. The glitches might bring us Frank #2 very soon.
  • 7:47amGMT : A camera could be seen briefly.
  • 7:54amGMT : He finished assembling the first box or step.
  • 8:12amGMT : He sneezed. bless you
  • 8:47amGMT : He completed the second box/step/speaker. They are stacked behind the right workbench.
  • 9:00amGMT : Glitches contained colored spots! - Red Frank Team Valor confirmed (and green. Edit: also blue & yellow -.-)
  • He's fixing metal frames into new boxes. Box count: 4
  • 9:30amGMT : Camera appeared again for ~10 seconds. More orange glitch flashes. He leaves. Music still playing tho.
  • 9:36amGMT : mofucker returns. Starts block #5. Glitching continues.
  • 9:54amGMT : Does some stretches, walks to the speaker, turns music off, then he walks out to the left. First time the camera stays in the side view for a break/end. Progress so far
  • Right now colored lines glitch every ~5 seconds >like this<. Has been intensified during this shift.
  • ~2:00pmGMT : Apparently the video stopped glitching.
  • 4:30pmGMT : Congratulations, you played yourself. The countdown on someones Tumblr was fake af. After reaching 00 it counted up again.
  • The big premiere on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio was a (really bad) cover of Bohemian Rhapsody by Panic! At The Disco. He even played that twice!
  • 6:54pmGMT : Website's code changed again. Black space for the video got 2x taller as if another stream was placed above. Including new L
  • 9:40pmGMT Our Lord and savior returns in a David Bowie T-Shirt.
  • Continued yesterday's work, assembling boxes.

July 36th - drop?

friday work-hours 12:00amGMT - 3:58amGMT
Couldn't watch stream myself. All info based on this sub. Thanks for help in comments 🙏
  • 12:08amGMT : He finishes 14 boxes and takes them to a New room left of the workbenches.
  • 12:14amGMT : Puts on on hazmat suit (from the Apple Music tweet) and starts spray painting the boxes. (Also the floor at some point).
  • 12:38amGMT : Look in the mirror.
  • 12:47amGMT : Chance the Rapper just tweeted same thing he did July 31st, 2015:
    "These bitches want Nikes, but the real ones."
  • @TheRyanBeatty confirmed Frank Ocean ft. Chance the Rapper - Nikes
  • 1:09amGMT : Undressing
  • 1:23amGMT : Finised painting 4 boxes. Then left.
  • 1:28amGMT : He back
  • 1:41amGMT : Different colors for different boxes. New paint 'way darker' than the first one.
  • 2:46amGMT : Frank left.
  • 2:53amGMT : And returned. Moving blocks around. 12/14 pieces painted at this point.
  • 2:57amGMT : Mofucka is playin a ticking sound.
- 3:00amGMT : The iTunes catalog was believed to update at this point. If it did, it did so with no sign of Boys Don't Cry. [UPDATE: 4:00am iTunes did update. No Frank. But a mysterious blank space], [UPDATE 2: 6:25am Blank space now occupied by The Beatles.
Reminder: Futures "EVOL" was an apple exclusive, dropped at 11pm est on a Friday.
  • 3:04amGMT : Painting the last two boxes
  • 3:o5amGMT : Doing some stretches. More than 3000 people online at this point.
  • 3:19amGMT : He left
  • 3:24amGMT : Literally Watching Paint dry
  • 3:32amGMT : Air compressor noises come from the other room. He's probably.
  • 3:44amGMT: He's back, drying off. (Holy shit 100 posts in the last 10 minutes. For this?!!?! - mainly shitposts tho lmao)
  • 3:50amGMT : Putting boxes together in the main room.
  • 3:51amGMT : He turned the speaker off. He dropped the gas mask. Now undressing.
  • 3:58amGMT : He left. Progress so far
  • Frank got two Snapchat Filters #1 skeleton, #2 notepad.
  • 4:40amGMT : Over 4000 online. Ths sub fire.
  • 6:04amGMT : Odd Future's Jasper fucks with us on Twitter. Links to Tyler song "Bitch Suck Dick"
    *"Listen to Boys Don't Cry - Album by Frank Ocean on @AppleMusic. …" - @JapserDolphin
  • 6:08amGMT : Apple unpinned the Endless tweet! Not good.
  • 7:03amGMT : Frank's iTunes Bio disappeared for a few minutes.
  • After harrassing Apple customer support for days, people are checking Apple Stores in person now for the magazine: Grand Central no magazine ; MOA no magazine
  • 5:05pmUTC : Frank little demon brother tweeted:
    "Lmao" - @jacuzzimane
  • No update on the shopping page either.
  • 5:55pmUTC : Audio changed. Chopping Sounds Nothing happened though. This repeated over the night. Also voices could be heard in the background.
  • August 5th over, even in the last timezone American Samoa (= 11:00am UTC). NYTimes reported bullshit! Ben Sisario and Joe Coscarelli are the reporters to blame. There's a petition for the newspaper to fire them.
  • 6:30amUTC : This [Apple Support Chat] screenshot says:
    "I reviewed my resources and found that the Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' album is presently under slight modifications is taking place via Apple Music department. Within 8 hours it will reflect in Apple Music US." Which would be ~2:30pmUTC (could be very fake though). (conflicting reports). They did use the NYTimes as a source!.
  • Periscope Live Apple Support Chat. [This is getting pathetic, sorry guy, I need Input xD ]
  • 8:39pmUTC : No album yet. 41 hours since we've seen Frank
updated saturday 8:39pmUTC more to follow. Hopefully an album.

W inter is coming!

SO. MANY. SHITPOSTS. (Edit 11:51am - Holy shit, I'm done! Made it through 1500+ posts)


To Remember:


Link to Livestream:
If this does not prompt iTunes on your computer open this, select I Have iTunes above and try again.
If it does not work for your, stop using Google Chrome, or try this.
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2013.12.28 23:19 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm DJ Ravine and I've just hit 200,000 subscribers on Youtube! Ask me about DJing, Youtube, Music or just AMA!

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Date: 2013-12-27
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Hi Ravine! I love your mixing style, and I have you to thank for first getting me into DJing a couple of years ago! I've got a few questions... Thanks for dropping by to do this AMA, it's awesome to have an opportunity to talk to my DJing inspiration! No, my family owns a business so I worked for them full time for the last….however long my life has been. I'm planning on going part time with them so I can focus more on my DJing career in 2014.
When and how did you first begin DJing? Started in 2006 when I did a DJing course after I finished high school.
Malthe Mehlskov, he's 16 playing at many large events. Yeah he recently played here in Sydney and was with his parents.
I've been listening to you forever man. how long does it take for you to prep a set? For a Youtube video from start to finish including editing takes about 4 hours if I'm not fucking around.
Who do you personally think is a better DJ, you or Cotts? ;) Cotts sucks. Have you heard him scratch. LOL.
What is the most awkward / embarrassing incident that's happened to you whilst at a gig (be it a screw up on stage, crazy people in the crowd etc.)? I remember jumping and accidentally unplugging the power board for all the decks.
How does it feel to be one of the best (or at least one of the most well known) DJ's in Australia? Do you get recognized often by random people on the street? Lol. I'm just another dude.
Hey ravine, longtime fan here! I got two questions for you. Just a huge drop in the quality and quantity of tracks out there. Before I'd buy 10 tracks a week. Now I'd be lucky to buy 2 in a month.
1: Why dont you make as many pure happy hardcore mixes anymore? 2: What do you think of the direction housemusic is taking with all this over-the-top-wannabe-epic-stuff and making ALOT of the tracks with entire lyrics instead of just some vocals here and there? I like it because it's getting harder and harder and I love it hard baby. I want it pushed in a more euphoric hands in the air hard though not just doof doof doof.
Also, what are you playing these days? DotA2, SC2 or something else? And just Dota. Oh and DayZ.
Were your parents supportive at the beginning of your career? Mum wasn't. Dad was like meh, he can sell it if it doesn't go well.
Hey Ravine! Been a long time subscriber, love the happy hardcore mixes. Cotts and I met back in 2006 at the rave Utopia in June. It was my birthday rave and I was completely wrecked. This was before I got my DJ gear and Cotts had been DJing on some turntables made for hi-fi use. We met up because back when was big, they had rave meetups for all the big raves and we all hung out as a crew. I didn't speak to Cotts much but I do remember he had a bright pink shopping bag full of glowsticks that he was handing out to everyone.
Question: How did you and Cotts become good friends and would you ever consider playing a few shows in Canada? What a homo.
Hey Ravine, congrats on 200,000. Just wanted to ask, what was it that got your name out there as a DJ? Was it something like youtube or more local? Thank you! Youtube 100%. Locally, I was a nobody.
Where was your first gig? My first gig was for a girl's sweet 16 cruise when I just started DJing. I'm been DJing for about 2 months and a friend just called me up saying how the DJ had cancelled and they needed a new one. I didn't have much of the music they wanted because they were an RnB/Hip Hop crowd so I got the birthday girl to give me a bunch of CDs she had.
I think it's the only time ever in my career where I've had to play a mixed CD.
I can hear the booing.
What tips do you have for promoting yourself online ? Keep it minimal til you're actually good. Too many shitty 14 year old producers out there that spam every single Facebook, Youtube page just because they created 1 track with FL Studio templates and are convinced they're the next big thing.
Do you ever get pissed off when puppets call you Raveen instead of Ravine? This makes me unreasonably angry for some reason.
When will you come to europe? The goal is Tomorrowland 2015.
Boxers or briefs? You know, for dancing on stage and stuff. Briefs. The boxers don't give me the support I need.
What got you into DJing? Darude - Sandstorm.
How does this make you feel? HNNNGHHH.
Also I met you at the chiptune show in SF and you never added me on facebook. I'm still hurt. I must have forgotten. PM me your name on Facebook and I'll go through my requests.
What's your favorite track from 2013? I really love Get Ready by Erik Arbores.
What do you think of the upcoming "Hardcore Rave" producers in the US such as Rhythmics, T2Kazuya, Chasers/Moogl3 etc? Rhythmics is a pretty cool dude.
What's one piece of advice you'd give an aspiring Hardcore DJ/producer? Make it sound more like Gammer.
If you could choose one DJ to do a collab with who would it be? I know not an original question but yeah I want to know :) Armin Van Buuren.
What is (or was) your day job? Worked for my family business.
As far as music production goes, hardcore or electro? Electro now.
How big do you feel like the Happy Hardcore scene is? And has it grown or shrunk since you started making mixes? If it's gotten smaller, do you think about expanding your repertoire to include more "mainstream" or popular genre's. Subscription count and views should probably matter if you intend on making DJ'ing a fulltime gig yeah? It's definitely shrunk in a crazy order of magnitude. You can hear the mainstream in the tracks released now. Everythings a bootleg of a top 40 track and it's not enough to save it. Apparently soemthing called Powerstomp is big now but never really got into it.
What's it like being a DJ? It's like being a dude.
How did you originally get into dance music? What were your first musical interests? I think when I first heard Exploration of Space by Cosmic Gate, something just clicked and I knew it was time.
So being stiff every morning? Yeah bro, just scratch it out.
What advice to you give to budding DJ's? Keep making mixes non stop until you can do it in your sleep.
Do you have some kind of system to count BPM's fast? Not that long ago i bought two CDJ 100S (Yup... old farts but cheap and they play music too so i dont mind) And i cant beatmatch correctly. Some advices? Moar Happy Hardcore like old times. Plox. They sell some BPM units out there but they all suck. I'd just learn to beatmatch.
What was your first job or hobby that you invested time into before DJing, or more to the point, what were you doing before you even realised you had a love for DJing and electronic music? If playing MMORPGs and CS til 4am in the morning counts as a hobby, then that.
How did you succesed in DJing? I mean how you becamed so famous from Bedroom DJ to Club DJ? I was 100% made on Youtube. I started making Youtube DJ videos at the right place and the right time.
So I've been a long time subscriber of yours. Seen a few of your posts on head-fi too. Pretty jelly of Australia's apparently awesome club scene. It's a bit shit in New Zealand. A while back you mentioned producing your own music. How is this going? Are there any Ravine Originals™ in the pipeline? Or have there been some already that I somehow missed..? Soundcloud has a few and I've got more coming! Got featured on Spinnin the other day!
Hey Ravine! Also a DJ, and I'm interested in knowing a couple things: 1) Why Serato and not Traktor? (Personally a Traktor it) 2) Why the switch to CDJS from timecode? (On time code myself lol) Serato because I was brought up with it.
CDJs with Rekordbox because it's easier for me when I gig.
Hi, DJravine! How often do you DJ "what do the fox say?" Thanks for answering this! It's kind of a big deal around these parts! I have a mashup which is a joke and I play that regularly.
Deets, man! Well at first it goes a bit like gering ding ding ding ding a ding a ding. Then a bit of haate haate haate ho. Some say, that's what the fox says.
What is your favourite hardstyle song? Pure by DJ Zany.
What are your top 5 tips for becoming a better DJ? What to look for in songs and why you love it? Know you tunes.
Any major advice for underage (16) bedroom DJs for the future so we can be the best we can and perform for the masses? Seriously, practice. Other than that, start producing early. It's more of a producers industry now.
Ravine! If you don't remember me, I was the guy working at the Xbox stand at EB Expo and all I wanted was a photo -.- I wanted to start DJing but didn't have the cash to fork out for CDJs. I ended up buying a Traktor S4 and I love it to bits. My only concern is that if I ever attempt to pursue club gigs, that I would be forced to use CDJs and I haven't had any experience. Other than buying CDJs, what would you suggest is the best way to get experience on gear I don't own? Oh yeah I remember you! Dude sucks you had to be in that room the whole time because I never got to go back in there!
What's your steam username? God damn I want to play some Dota with you ;) Practice with a friend's or at least learn to mix without the BPM and whatever that thing that shows you the beats drifting on Traktor is called.
I know you are a MTG fan, I texted you when you still had time left on your american phone asking for a game the next time you were in america, What if your favourite magic card of all time? I used to play a tonne in high school but I stopped completely. That time I posted on Facebook was the first time I'd played in about 10 years. I can't really remember any cards so...
Amulet of Quoz.
Can you please mix hip hop and try beat juggling or something cool like Kentaro? Just for one video! I've tried it and it's a lot harder than it looks. I am afraid to shame my famirly.
When are you coming back to Texas? ;_; and did that barn show get shut down by the cops? I can't remember, I left before it finished =/
When will you be coming to the bay area next? Or anywhere in norcal really. Last time I was able to make it to one of your shows was 2011. Don't know! Hopefully soon!
When are we going to play Ghosts together on Ps4? :) When you move to Australia so we don't lag!
Any regrets? Not starting producing earlier.
With last years addition of Darren Styles to EDC last year, do you think we'll see some more happyhardcore/hardstyle this year? Definitely. I know Hardstyle is getting bigger but in terms of Happy hardcore, I can only really seem them bringing guys like Gammer and Styles along.
How did you feel during your first trips to America? Also, what was your reaction when your Happy Hardcore mix blew up on YouTube? America is always fun. It's pretty much just a holiday for me. And insane. When I got my first 100 views I was like fuck yeah!
How did you start promote yourself and getting gigs? Youtube helped me out a lot but also getting to know promoters.
I've noticed a large number of vinyl decks have a small light to the bottom left of the turntable (like this) - what's it for? It's actually a LED with a refresh rate synced to the dots that are lined around the DJ platter. As it spins, the dots create an illusion that they are staying still or moving at a slow pace. This lets you know if the turntable is at 0% pitch or is +% or -%. You have to see it.
Hey Ravine, so first of all I gotta say I've loved your stuff for a long time. Especially when you and Cotts mix together (since he introduced me to your channel)! That being said, I wanted to know, what are your top 5 happy hardcore/hardcore songs? Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes Angel Eyes.
What is your most humorous encounter with the law? I once got pulled up by two sniffer dogs at once at a rave. They were pretty sure they'd caught a big one because I had my big DJ bag on. They searched me, found nothing and I left.
Yeah that's my only encounter with the law.
Sorry to disappoint.
Hey Ravine, When are you coming to NZ for a tour??? and preferably come to Christchurch =p. That'd be awesome! I don't know why I've never played in NZ.
How old are you at the moment? Do you mind telling your fans your 'real name'? How/When did you get into DJ'ing? off topic from that Do get a lot of girls? :) Joel :D Stanley.
1) How has the massive influx copyright issues with YouTube affected your YouTube career and if it gets worse will you continue to use YouTube as your main platform for releasing mixes, rely more heavily on SoundCloud or go in another direction? They've been around for ever and I've just learnt to live with it. Youtube for me is not about money but exposure. Really it's still a hobby right now.
2) Would you or have you considered relocating in order to further your DJing career or is the Australian scene sufficiently big enough to allow you to further your career as much as you'd like to there? Definitely considering it but now the scene in Australia is starting to blow up and people are getting the recognition they deserve. The thing is though, everyone that gets massive here moves out immediately.
Have you gotten gigs just from having a youtube channel? Yep. Pretty much all my gigs stemmed from my Youtube channel.
Any youtube promotion tips for music producers? For Youtube, it seems now that if you're a producer, to get known, you need to push your music onto big Youtube music networks and also stuff like
Ravine! When are you going to make a mix with your Stantons again? Everyone on Youtube is making mixes with CDJs, please do one with the TTs again, for old time's sake... They're under my bed. I need a bigger table.
Will you ever produce anymore Hardcore Addiction albums possibly with Cotts in the future? Probably not. Just too hard to procure tracks for guys as indie as us.
DJ Ravine, Definitely. I'll start making it as soon as the new year rings in. It'll be released on Youtube this time and i'm gonna put on bikini clad girls and have the thumbnail extremely sexually suggestive in order to get more views.
Your 2010 awsum megamix is amazing. I know you come out with some every year, do you plan on coming out with a 2013 megamix? Keep up the good work, whenever someone wants to get into trance I link them your stuff. I'm actually serious. I want to see if it makes a difference.
If any of the record companies (spinnin') ask you to change so something about yourself will you? Depends on if it compromises on creativity and who I am. If it's small yeah why not if it makes them happy but if they ask you to become something you're not, your fans will pick up on it. Your fans know you better than you know yourself.
Hey Ravine! Really big fan! I was wondering why you don't offer all of your mixes for download? Laziness.
Also copyright.
I have a pretty nice 4 channel Hercules mixer that my friend gave to me before he left to LA. It's in mint condition and I don't want it to sit there and collect dust, might want to pull it out at some point to play around with. So my question to you is, how does a newbie DJ get started with the whole DJing gig? I produce with ableton live and use midi controllers in the past, but have never touched DJing stuff before. Do you have any resources you can help guide me to? Any good hints, tips, and tricks? Would be really helpful, thanks! PS. What are your favorite dj controllers/mixers/equipment, and what are your favorite DAW/DJ programs? Seriously if you're already doing Ableton, might as well use it to DJ as well. Using something like an APC 40 can make you a more formidable DJ than more out there with CDJs.
Dj ravine next time you come to San Francisco will you sign something for me? I've seen you at so stoked and you're one of my favorite dj's because you aren't a pretentious jerk and OMG pls. Find me and I will!
Your In Dubstep We Trust One was one of the first things that got me listening to electric music. Is there a number 4 coming out anytime? Not that I can see. Really not much Dubstep I enjoy now. It's pretty much a dying genre. There is no Dubstep in the Beatport Top 100 anymore. It used to be full of it.
Are you ever going to use the guitar hero controller in any more mixes? Looking back at the battle you had with Kutski was friggin' awesome. Peace. It really wasn't that practical. There was a huge noticeable lag in it and wasn't that great for precise stuff like drummping.
Any plans for producing? What genre would/will you do? Yep doing it now. Mainly making Electro House that I enjoy.
Hi ravine! What do you do to select a track for a mix?? Thanks! Yes? Play it.
G'day Ravine! My question to you is, how has the DJ'ing or club scene changed since you first began Dj'ing? Has it changed for better or worse? Everyone's getting younger and I'm getting older.
How long have you been producing now? Probably 2 years on and off. I tried starting earlier but never got into it.
Whats your opinion about 'dj-s' like Afrojack, Steve Aoki? Afrojack is a good producer. Steve Aoki has his own market. Let them be.
DJ Ravine do you have any plans to hit California? I would like to see you in person...I mean FB, Youtube and Soundcloud is cool but yeah. Hopefully soon. It's always hard to predict these things.
Do you think there will be a UK Hardcore stage at Defqon 1 within the next few years? Also I love the new song with Weaver, Please bring it and Him back over to Perth ASAP. ONE CAN HOPE.
Hey DJ Ravine, it's real cool that you're doing this, I've been subscribed for a while. My question is what is the biggest thing you would tell someone who's interested in being a DJ? (Not necessarily a pro, but someone looking to become decent) I'd learn to produce at the same time as learning to DJ.
Do you prefer hardstyle, happy hardcore or some of the more soft electronic genres like house etc? I love Happy Hardcore but I also love Electro House.
Who would you meet out of the three if you could only meet one? The three: Dj Kentaro, Dj Qbert, Dj Craze. QBert because he just seems like the coolest dude.
As a young dj (15) how can i get gigs in teen discos and how should i approach the promoters for these gigs? Just email them or facebook them.
Yo Ravine! Big fan of your stuff. I'm just curious, when you are laying up your audio to your videos, do you use some kind of marker to signal where you should start the audio when you edit your videos, so everything is in sync? Sometimes I'll just press the cue button before I start recording to get a quick "snap" of audio to lineup the cameras and the recorded raw audio. Other than that, it's just using your eyes and ears to see if it's timed properly.
Whats a typical day for DJ Ravine like? Wake up, get on Reddit, go take a shower, eat, refuse urge to play dota, end up on Reddit, give into dota, somehow sun has gone down, eat, sleep (rave, repeat).
Music and making Youtube videos fits in somehow in there.
What rating are you in dota? Pretty bads. Solo still got about 3 to go for Calibration but Party i'm at 3400. Started at 3700 and won every single Calibration match but since then, lost every ranked match except 1. fml.
Can I send you tracks anywhere? Djravine at
Easy question. Turntables or CDJ's and why? :) CDJs. Just so much more you can do with them. Turntables are definitely in the past but people (me included) still love the visual aesthetics of them.
Watching your videos inspired me to start mixing, and then I started producing. I guess my question is, did you ever think your videos could have that kind of impact on your viewers? Never. I made my first video because Youtube was a fascinating new thing and I just wanted to try it. Who'da thunk it.
Hey Ravine! Been a long time fan of yours. You and Cotts is what got me into the happy hardcore scene growing up. Aside from that, what has been the best experience of becoming a famous DJ and what has it enabled you to do? To me it's still a hobby but we'll see what happens next year!
How much tail has being a DJ gotten you? To give you a clue, my Youtube stats tell me my Male to Female ratio is 9:1.
Hey Dj ravine how do set your cue points when you perform live ? Make sure you set them all in Rekordbox before you start the night.
Did you go to uni and all that stuff?.And Congrats on the 200k subs! Yep. I have a B.Comm - Marketing from Macquarie University.
I have a 1000, dollar budget. looking for a good set up which includes a reasonable portability. (controller + headset) any suggestions? DDJ-SX or SR and something like HD-25 Sennheisers.
Hey Ravine, Thanks for doing this! Are you ever going to come over to Scotland?! Not that i know of but it'd be awesoem to go!
Do you ever do any original production or just mixes? Yep! On my Soundcloud. Few more coming soon.
What do you think of the Jcore scene? It seems to be getting bigger and bigger. It really does. Japan is weird though. Always likes the niche genres.
Heya Ravine! Ever thinking of coming to Canada? Toronto specifically? ;D. I'd love to but nothing as of yet.
Any plans of ever touring Canada? Specifically somewhere in Ontario? My life would be made if I could come see one of your shows! If not I will just have to road trip it to the US the next time you are back in NA. I'd love to but it is not known.
Any sets in Canada anytime soon? Also how do you decide the songs you will play in your sets? Not that i know of =[
Hey Ravine, just wondering what you think the hardest genre to dj is? Congrats on 200K! Trip Hop.
Hey ravine Im a dj and now starting to produce music but i am struggling working with fl (cracked i know i know) got any tips maybe other program or learn to read notes ? Just do it™
Hey Ravine, I know you've been making some house tracks lately... Approx. how long did it take you (and whoever you worked with) to make one + what software would you recommend? I'm trying to get some shit together with Fruity Loops but have been mostly unsuccesful... You gotta get in that zone. When you're in there, track ideas come so fast and you just lay them down insanely quick.
Hey Ravine! Big fan here. I have a question that kinda relates to what I'm doing... Do you think a couple cheap controllers with good mappings are just as good as one expensive controller (with preset mapping)? Nope. Hardware quality is just too big of a difference between ultra low end and even mid range.
Hey Ravine! I have started mixing stuff on my channel just for fun and I am having a lot of trouble with content ID and copyright issues. I just want to share my stuff to friends and family but people are having issues viewing my stuff. How do you get around this issue? Honestly no real way to get around it. Sometimes my vids get flagged too and it 's a real bitch.
When are you thinking about coming to Seattle area again? Also great time seeing you at MLG Anaheim :) I wanna go to The International 4 so maybe then! And nice to see you too!
I dont know what DOTA is but I know I never want to play it because basshunter made a song about it once. The next time you come here, I'm going to strap you to a chair, IV drip you monster energy drink, put Basshunter's Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA on loop and force you to play.
I wish Ravine was YeahDubz because then I would freeking know who YeahDubz was.. YOU ARE YEAHDUBZ.
Ravine! I don't actually have a question really but you were my inspiration to start DJing and producing, and I've been following you for longer than I can imagine. I actually got into a lull recently, and watching your videos made me attempt hardstyle finally and I love it so much. Thank you! Hardstyle is getting huuuge lately. It's also thanks to the fact that Big Room House is takin a lot of inspiration from Hardstyle too.
cough cough Showtek. I am so okay with Showtek getting massive.
Fave all time song to mix. Rebecca Black - Friday. Although Saturday is a close second now.
What is the best way to get started dj'ing for someone who has no experience. Youtube tutorials and Virtual DJ or djay 2 if you have an iOS device.
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